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The Obligatory Christmas Post

(My computer died last week. So there are no pictures for this post and I'll probably be MIA for a while as I figure out whether to focus on getting my computer running again or on begging DH for a new computer and then getting THAT one going. Luckily, I didn't lose any data.)

I love Christmas. Every year on Christmas I find myself feeling sorry for families and couples who don't have young children around to enjoy it with. The magic, wonder and excitement of watching it through young eyes makes all the hard parts of having a large family worth it.

A few memorable moments:
* We had a full week off of school before Christmas and while it was great to have everyone home, it's always easier to entertain eight kids after Christmas, when they have their new toys and games to occupy them. We set a "no media" rule except for two hours of quiet time in the afternoons and then after dinner in the evenings and while a couple of my kids claimed boredom, most found plenty …

Cry . . . and then Laugh (Friday Favorites)


My Favorite Five-Year-Old (Wordless Wednesday)


Effective Discipline Principles and Practices, Part One

This morning, our mother's group had a discussion on "Creative Discipline: Getting Kids to Mind without Losing Your Mind." I loved discussing this topic with other bright, creative, and loving moms and I realized as I did so that I have learned a lot more about this subject over the years than I'd realized.

Since I have a tendency to try to bite off more than I can chew, I thought I'd share what I've learned in small pieces and focus on just one or two parenting principles at a time, starting with this one:

Parenting Principle #1: There's a difference between principles and practices (and why you shouldn't be a technique snob).

In disciplining, I think it's important to distinguish between discipline principles and disciplinepractices. A principle is a truth or a standard (children need to understand that their choices have consequences), while a practice is a way of applying the principle (time-outs, logical consequences, etc.). Too many pare…

Christmas Gifts (Friday Favorites)

I love how generous people are with their time and talents this season. Here are a few of the gifts I've found:

Shawna Edwards wrote this beautiful song for the season:

And My Church has created beautiful Bible stories free for your use. See all of them here (and more to come).

This one would be wonderful to share with your family this Christmas:

Five Years Ago (Wordless Wednesday)

This is what our cute family looked like. We'd survived selling a house, building one, living in a hotel for six weeks,bringing a newborn "home" to that hotel, moving into a new home, and half a year with two-year-old twins. Lillian was 7, Joey was 6, Michael was 4, Allison and Sarah were 2, and Eliza was six weeks old.

See? Our family's always been crazy!

Thanksgiving Memories (Wordless Wednesday)

We spent the weekend before Thanksgiving in Park City. We enjoyed lots of art projects . . .

Swimming . . .

sledding . . .

And having a great time.

Thanksgiving was spent at our house with our family and the addition of my in-laws. DH cooked a seriously delicious deep-fried turkey plus a few other things, I added some amazing rolls and brownies, and the food was wonderful.


Why am I doing this again? (Friday Favorites)

I loved what Janene Baadsgaard, a mother of ten, has to say in this experience she had while expecting yet another child:

One day I was waiting in line for my child’s evaluation with his new kindergarten teacher. A stylish young mother and her son sat in the chairs next to us because the teacher was running behind. I was obviously eight months pregnant and hovering on the huge side of big.

This young mother stared at my belly and asked, “Why do you want to do that again?” Her question caught me off guard. I blushed. “This is it for me,” she added. “Boy am I ever ready to get this last one in school. Now it’s my turn for me.” She was wearing beautifully tailored clothes, her hair was elegantly styled and her long fake fingernails were polished pink with jeweled flowers on the tips. “Just bought that,” she finished pointing to a shiny red sports car in the parking lot. “Nice huh.”

I looked down at my protruding mid-section and asked myself . . . Why am I doing this again? My wor…

Fall Trip to Cedar Breaks & Bryce Canyon (Wordless Wednesday)

We had a fabulous time staying a week in Brian Head in mid October. We went hiking every day, swimming nearly every day (an indoor pool made that nice), and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Many of our hikes were at high elevation -- as much as 11,000 feet -- and with Katie going through a "mommy-only" phase, I carried her on a lot of them. It made me very grateful for the fitness I've worked so hard for this year.

I went up a day early with the seven youngest kids. DH, who had some work things to finish up and Lillian, who had a school project to finish, came up later. Our first hike was to an amazing waterfall.

Cedar Breaks:

My five little girls in a row. I'm so excited they'll get another sister in February:

Bryce Canyon:

Notice the chipmunk posing perfectly for this one?