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Grubbies 4 is out!

It's finally finished! Grubbies 3 & 4 is here! It was such a fun set to make and I can't wait to play with it! You can find this great collection at Scrapbook-Elements.

What a great day!

Joey & Lillian started school today -- Joey for the first time (a.m. kindergarten) and Lillian at a new school (we're going to a charter school this year). It was a great day for both of them. DH & I both enclosed a note in Lillian's lunch this morning, and when I picked her up, she had them clutched in her hands with a smile on her face. I asked her about her day and she said, "It was great! Just like you said in your note, I already made lots of friends." She ran through them all and told me she now had FIVE friends! It was neat to see her so excited about stuff. She told me they had some math testing and that some of the math was pretty hard and some of it was "really hard. I've had my mind on so much swimming and things this summer it took me more thinking to know how to do the math."

Picking Joey up from kindergarten earlier in the day also went well. He was lined up with his class, and Sarah ran right over and gave him the biggest hug. It w…

So proud . . .

I took the older three kids to our local pool this afternoon for a bit of swimming. They have two waterslides there, but you have to be 48" tall to ride them alone or pass a swim test. Michael (4) has no interest in going, so the last few times we've been there, I've had to take turns with Lillian (7) & Joey (5) going down with me. Today, I realized that Lillian is tall enough to ride alone, so I was able to leave Michael once and take Joey while Lillian went alone for the very first time! She was a bit nervous, but had a blast and then went a few times alone after that.

A while later, I decided to ask what it would take to pass the swim test. I was told the child had to swim all the way across the pool without stopping. I've never seen Joey do that, but I tried a few times having him swim to me halfway, then swim the other half of the pool too. We decided to give it a try. I found the lifeguard and Joey jumped in and swam with all his might. He got half…

Just a fly-by post about things going on

I've been invited to sell my designs at Plain Digital Wrapper. I hope to get some products up there later today, so keep an eye out. =)

TWO offers already

We just listed our house with an agent last Thursday and yesterday we had TWO offers to choose from. Hurray. Hopefully, we'll have a deal wrapped up by the end of today, and this time we hope the people don't flake out at the end.

Poison Ivy -- Grrr.

My arms are covered in rashes, particularly where I got scratched last week by blackberry bushes. At first I thought I was just ultra-sensitive to the blackberry scratches, but when the rashes grew, I figured it must be something else. Sure enough, an internet search confirmed that my beautiful arms are suffering from Poison Ivy exposure. I think I must have gotten exposed when I was clearing some areas of our lot last week. I'm just glad none of the kids seem affected -- all they have are plain old scratches from picking blackberries.

Nature's Bounty

New kit finished! Nature's Bounty was inspired by my family's recent trip to Zion's National Park. It was sure fun to make! It is currently available as part of my Fall Collection at Scrapbook-Elements

Here we go again!

We were supposed to close on our house this week, we even gave the buyer a week's extension, but it looks like the deal's off. I suppose the buyer could still come through, as he has until tomorrow, but it looks like we're going to be putting our house up for sale again.

So . . . anyone want a nice home in Utah County? Anyone?

Making Progress!

Last week, we got to watch the Bobcat push around loads of dirt and make our house look TONS better -- rather than just a floating foundation! They put the stair treads in on Friday, so it was nice to be able to walk right into the main floor and then down to the basement without using ladders or walking around to the back of the house. Our neighbors across the street commented on how much better the house looks with the dirt there (guess they were wondering if it would always be hideous!).