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California Trip (Wordless Wednesday)

Our family loves the beach.  Allison and Sarah comb the rocky areas for crabs while Joey dives right into the waves and gets soaking wet, no matter what the weather or what he's wearing.  Lillian favors finding a quiet spot to read, while Katie and Harmony let the waves tickle their feet.  Cami loves to be a part of it all.

There was a kind couple there on our last day who let Joey use their paddle board.  He had a great time.

I turned around and Katie had decided to strip to the buff.

Favorite Bread Recipes

After testing a lot of recipes, here are my current favorites.

French Bread  * Amazing French Bread from Keeping it Simple This one has a nice texture and tastes just a tad salty (in a good way).  The best part about it is that it only takes about 70 minutes from start to finish.
    1/2 cup warm water (not hot)     2 Tbsp of yeast Mix these two things together and let yeast dissolve in water for 10 minutes.  While you wait add these ingredients into a large bowl:     5 Tbsp oil     2 cups warm water     3 Tbsp sugar     1 Tbsp salt     3 cups flour Mix the ingredients with a large spoon.  Add yeast mixture and stir. Add another 3 cups of flours into mixture and stir. Place dough on floured surface and then knead with your hands for 10 minutes, until the dough isn’t sticky anymore.  Add more flour if it’s too sticky.  Divide the dough in half and roll into rectangles (or as close to rectangle as you can), about 9x12 inches.  Roll the dough onto itself (like as if you are rolling a cinnamo…

Monday Musings #7: Almost March

*  I had one day last week -- Friday -- when I woke up feeling rested.  It was an unfamiliar feeling, and it was wonderful.  I was able to use naptime to exercise and run on the treadmill instead of needing to lie down myself.  An extra two hours in my day?  Wow.  I would love it for that to continue.  I woke up tired again today, but at least there's an external cause -- Katie came crawling into bed with me at midnight and kicked me a good part of the night.  Maybe if my brain was functioning in the middle of the night, I might have been smart enough to walk her back to her bed?

* This little cutie turned one year old on Valentine's Day.  She delights us all with her quick smile and cheerful heart.  Everyone adores her.  There's something wonderful about the influence a baby has on her older siblings.  No matter how cranky or moody they might  be, she can always brighten their day. 

*  I've been doing fairly well with my goals for the year, particularly with the &qu…

Monday Musings #6: How many more weeks 'til spring?

*  We got home Saturday from a week in sunny Southern California.  It was lovely.  The view from our room was divine, but even more lovely was the fresh air and warmth.  

Utah's inversion where we live has been especially awful this year, with snow lingering on the ground since Christmas and very few days in January above freezing.  We try to go to a warmer place for a week every winter, but I think this year we craved it more than usual.  We had a great time at the pool, at the beach, and at a little place called Disneyland.  I'll share more photos later, but doesn't this one of Harmony say it all?

*  I want to write more, but often I feel tired and uninspired so I don't.  I was reading this article about Brandon Sanderson yesterday, though, and I was struck by his advice for writers:  "Sit in a chair and write.  Ignore this thing they call writer’s block. Doctors don’t get doctor’s block; your mechanic doesn’t get mechanic’s block. If you want to write great …