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Got $1?

A talented friend of ours is raising money for an animation project called "The Decision" designed to teach children what to do if they come across bad materials like an "adult" magazine.

For $1 (pay via paypal or credit card), you'll receive a free copy of the finished project and you've helped support good media.

Donate today and help spread the word!

Two Wheels! (Wordless Wednesday)

Allison had me take off her training wheels a few weeks ago. Last week, with a lot of effort and plenty of falls, she mastered the art of the two-wheeled bike. She's not smiling in any of the pictures I took because she's concentrating so hard.

Sarah is still using training wheels, but wanted me to get a few pictures of her as well.

The best toy for kids (Favorites Friday)

A couple of years ago, we found a deal on wiggle racer cars. We bought four of them for some of our younger kids. They run between $30 and $45 on sale and they are awesome.
Over the years, we've bought bikes, trikes, and other various vehicles for kids. These definitely get the most use for the longest time. The best part is you don't outgrow them. My two-year-olds can use them as a ride-on, and they hold up to 250 lbs, so my husband and I can also use them as well as all the kids in between. You can even fit two little ones on at a time -- Eliza loves to give Harmony rides on hers.

My older kids have and love their bikes, but they still pull these out and play with them often.
The wiggling of the steering wheel propels the car forward, but not as fast as going down our sloping driveway. They are well-built and strong, though the bolt holding the steering wheel to the front wheels sometimes loosens and makes the steering wheel too loose to use. It's easy to tighten, t…

Q&A Thursday: Twins' Hair

Easy question for today:

is it Sarah or Allison who is growing her hair long?

Allison has longer hair than Sarah. We tell people to just remember "S" for short hair.

We started growing her hair longer the year they were four (there were a few bumps along the way involving naughty girls and scissors, but we won't talk about that right now.).
Some people think this is so we can tell them apart. It isn't. We haven't had trouble telling them apart since they were two weeks old, though we did keep their toenails painted different colors for the first few months.

The real reason for the different hair is so everyone OUTSIDE our family can see them as distinct individuals. I didn't want them to spend their elementary school years constantly having to hear, "Which one are you?" I wanted their teachers and playmates to be easily able to recognize them for who they are. It seems to be working so far and I recommend it to other moms of identical girls.

It wa…

Almost Famous!

I submitted some of my photography to the LDS Church a few months ago (find out more about that here). Today, someone told me they'd seen the twins' picture on one of the Church's new pages.

Here it is!

They're on the bottom right-hand side. I love the caption, "God knows us individually and loves us more than we can comprehend." I've often thought about how much individuality and uniqueness exist in my "identical" twins. To God, they are as unique and precious and individual as any other soul.

'Til we meet again

It was a challenge getting our kids up and dressed and to the Church early in the morning to help clean the building. The oldest was only 9 and we weren't sure we'd be able to help much since we had to supervise the little ones. But we showed up anyway and waited for an assignment. "Well," said the person in charge, shrugging his shoulders, "there's not much to do today. President Robison came over yesterday and did most of it. I guess you can wash windows."

President Laren Robison (in our Church, leaders are called and serve in positions without pay for a time and then are released. Out of respect for the service rendered, we call those who have served in such callings "President" or "Bishop" even after their service is over. President Robison served many years ago as a leader of our stake, which is a group of about 7 congregations called wards) was an uncommon man. Sneaking over to clean the church building a day early was o…

Idaho Adventures (Nearly Wordless Wednesday)

I grew up in a town near Boise, Idaho. This past weekend, we took our family up for a fun adventure. We spent Wednesday and Saturday night at my parents house and Thursday and Friday in McCall Idaho.

My mother-in-law joined us. My father-in-law volunteers his time at the Manti temple each week and wasn't able to get away.

We had a great time!

playing on the swings at my parents house:
(I know, aren't these two sweet together?)

feeding my parent's cows:

My nephew's Eagle Project was building large building blocks for a children's museum, sort of like Lincoln logs, only flat. My dad made some for his grandkids as well. My kids enjoyed building their own house after dismantling the one my dad had built.

Michael was the most determined architect, sticking with it even after the others gave up.
The kids loved the trampoline:

My dad, who is a kid at heart and an engineer by training, rigged up a sprinkler in the trees out of PVC pipe that would rain down on the kids at the p…