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It's SOLD!

Well, that was fast -- we had two offers, one on Monday, one on Wednesday. We countered the higher offer, and they accepted! So we signed all the papers last night and we've sold our house! For full price & cash, no less, so we won't have to pay any seller's closing costs and we won't even have to have an appraisal. =) Closing is in 30 days, then we have to move 15 days after that. It's a little stressful, because the home we're building won't be done until mid to late September, but we decided we'd make it work somehow -- I can take the kids up to visit my parents for a few weeks until school starts, then it should only be a few weeks until our house is done, and we think we can get a good deal on a hotel room.

We close in 30 days, and I suppose there's always a chance they won't come through, but I think they will.

My first kits are up at Scrapbook-Elements!

I'm working on getting more up, but here's a preview of what you can find right now -- Both my "Footed Pajamas" kit and my "Weathered Threads: Footed Pajamas" kits are up. Enjoy!

It's a GIRL!

We had an ultrasound on Friday and found out that #6 is definitely female. We're excited, and I think we're leaning towards the name Eliza Joy for her, with the nickname of Ellie or Elsa. This will make 4 girls, and with twin sisters just two years older, Eliza will never hurt for a wardrobe. =)

Eliza is healthy in every way and I count myself blessed.

Selling our house . . .

Is going VERY well. We have had so much interest -- we put our FSBO sign out front late Monday night. Tuesday, I showed it three times, Wednesday, I showed it once, and yesterday I showed it twice. I have two appointments to show it today and tomorrow, one to someone who's seeing it for the second time, this time with his wife. Everyone who walks through loves it (how could they not?), so I don't think it will be on the market long. I just hope we can work out the closing so we don't have to move twice, but if we sell for asking price, I suppose we can find an apartment or something for a few months.

I'm excited to think about another family enjoying this home. It has been a wonderful blessing for us. It was trashed when we moved in, which was the only way we could afford it at the time, when DH was still in school. We have done so much work on it. The yard was pitiful, with ugly enormous bushes we ripped out and grass that was mostly dead. When I walk in our…

I'm Moving . . .

Sort of, but only in a digital sense! It's official -- I have been accepted to sell my designs at and I will be moving my products over there over the next few months. I'm excited for this change and to work with the great people there. I have left Scrapoutsidethebox and I will be leaving 3Scrapateers at the end of the month. Both sites have been wonderful to me for the past year, and I wish them both the very best. I have made a lot of friendships and I hope I can continue those in the future.

So, anyone want a nice home in Utah County?

On the river?

I did the photos above this afternoon for a flier to put out front with our "For Sale" sign. I also showed it for the first time today. It will be sad to leave this home after 5 years. It was definitely a fixer when we bought it. Outside, there was only grass and it was mostly dead. We put in a fence, a deck, a BBQ pit, a garden, two sheds, and lots of plants to make the yard really shine. Inside, it needed a ton of work. We've redone pretty much everything, plus DH has done a lot of built-ins as well as our beautiful kitchen.

It's been a fun place to live. For most of the summer, the river is very shallow, so the kids go wading a lot. There's a lot of nice breezes and wildlife.

Good News!

We got our kitchen 99% done on Saturday -- DH installed the last of the doors and the paneling for the fridge. He's done a fabulous job, if I do say so myself. It helps to have a cabinet maker for a husband. =) So our house is ready to sell -- our first potential buyer is coming to see it this afternoon. We've still got a sign out front; we're doing FSBO for now; we've got a unique property on the river, so it should go fast. The only thing I worry about is moving twice -- our new house seems to be one delay after another, so even if we move the closing date on this house to be when we THINK that one will be done, there are no guarantees. But that's life, I guess. At least this will be the last time we have to go through this (right?) as we are planning on never moving again. Please don't remind me of all the times people say that and then later on move -- I need to believe that this will be the last time.

I think I need a vacation . . .

because I'm exhausted and need a break. Oh, wait, I just had a vacation and THAT's why I'm exhausted. =) Ever try getting 5 kids to sleep in a single hotel room? Including two wild little two-year-olds? The days were great, the nights were long. We spent Sunday to Wednesday in Southern Utah because my husband had some business there. Monday we spent in Zion's Park. I've never been there before, but I was so impressed. It was beautiful and even though our kids were too young for major hiking, there was plenty to do. We took the riverside walk up to the Narrows -- it was paved, so we could push the stroller, and gentle enough that the other children were able to walk. It was also mostly shaded, and suprisingly cool for a day that hit 107 degrees. After that round trip 2-miler, we headed to what we thought would be an easier hike -- a paved .6 miler to Lower Emerald Falls. It was a much harder hike, there was not much shade, the paving was not very smooth…

Decisions, Decisions

It's been a while since I've posted, and we're still working like mad to get our house ready for sale -- I'm all done decluttering and with major cleaning, and DH just has some doors to finish for the kitchen (he's a cabinet maker when he has time). And this last week we've encountered a new challenge: DECISIONS on our new house -- Lots of them, all at once. We've had lots of delays, including a 3 week stop in work (supposed to resume again next Wednesday), so we assumed we had more time on some of the decisions, too. No such luck. DH & I get the fun and stress of lots of decisions.

First up, was the brick for our home -- not an urgent decision, but DH had to run to Salt Lake anyway, where the showroom was, so we went too. We came back with three choices, which we really debated over. We had wanted a rough-looking red brick, and thought we had found our first choice, until the sales lady showed us some bricks on close-out. The first was only 2 ce…