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My Girls!

I'm so blessed to have them in my life. I've been extra busy lately, but I wanted to take a small moment and update this blog. I took these pictures of the girls just before Church a bit ago and I think they turned out lovely. A & S give each other such sweet hugs and the three older girls just adore Eliza.

I've taken on a new responsibility in my life and I thoroughly enjoy it. DH's 94-year-old Grandmother has lived on her own for years in a town about an hour away. Four week ago, it was decided the time had come for her to move to assisted living in our town. The change has been very tough on her, and I've been very involved in her care. The first few weeks were pretty rough and I was checking on her several times a day and then staying with her in the evening. She had a cold, and fell once, wich didn't help matters much. I got babysitters after school nearly every day so I could be there and run errands. She has gradually adjusted to her surroundings, a…

Great New Designs

I have some great new designs out -- I've been having so much fun with designing lately:

Sweet Snow is at Scrapbook-Elements Check it out here Christmas Blessings Page Set is now at Scrapbook-Elements:
Music Doodles at Scrapbook-Elements here: are small kits sized just right for a layout or two -- and priced right too! Check out my first collection at Scrapbook-Elements here:
Holiday Doodles are just right to add a fun touch to your pages! Found at Scrapbook-Elements here: