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Three Little Girls (Wordless Wednesday)


Camilla's Birth Story

Many people asked me during the pregnancy whether or not I was going to get an epidural with this birth. I had a great experience last time going without one. After Katie's birth, I wrote:

Would I birth this way again? Actually, I'm undecided. This birth was definitely different than my others, but I don't feel I missed out on anything with my epidural births. I don't regret a minute of them, just as I don't regret anything about this birth. I didn't feel that the experience without the epidural was more meaningful in a spiritual or emotional way. There is a wonderful physical satisfaction I feel from doing something hard, from finding the courage inside myself to face the pain and conquer it, but I won't feel a bit disappointed if I decide to get an epidural next time. In fact, to avoid that last thirty minutes and especially that excruciating ring of fire, I think it is probably worth the few hours of numbness after the birth -- and I had a quick, relati…

Monday Musings #3

Camilla will be two weeks old tomorrow. I'm feeling wonderful. It's so amazingly nice not to be pregnant anymore. The discomfort and discouragement of pregnancy are fast becoming a distant memory -- not so distant that I'm anxious to have another anytime soon, but distant enough that the prospect doesn't fill me with horror and dread. I'm anxious to start running again -- I haven't run since November -- and I'm feeling extra flabby. I can fit into some of my pants, but only with serious muffin tops going on. I lost 35 lbs last year, gained 30 this pregnancy and lost about 15 with the delivery. So I have 15 lbs to lose to get back to where I was last summer and 40 lbs to my goal weight. I'm hopeful that I can get started on that fairly soon, though if sleep-deprivation interferes, I may have to put off the goals and focus on the basics for a while. So far, I've gotten enough naps that Cami's waking at night hasn't been too tough…

Just a few days left

Just a few days left to get my designs before they're gone . . .

My entire store at Scrapbook-Elements is in close-out until the last day of February.

Here's a quick peek at some of what you'll find there . . .

The Beauty Paradox (Friday Favorites)

I loved what Stephanie has to say about beauty and modesty. Enjoy!

Our Valentine (Wordless Wednesday)


Flashback (Wordless Wednesday)

Harmony and Katie 21 Months Ago . . .

Harmony and Katie three days ago . . .

Camilla Eowyn * born Feb. 14, 2012


Our Valentine News

Just posting a quick update from the hospital -- I gave my husband an amazing Valentine gift yesterday morning with the birth of our seventh girl.

Camilla Eowyn was born at 10:09 via a scheduled induction (I figure if you're going to have to forever share birthday and Valentines gifts anyway, you might as well get the bragging rights of the actual day.). The IV and pitocin was started at around 7 a.m. and contractions for the first hour were pretty mellow, every ten to fifteen minutes. Things started moving more quickly after my water was broken at 8:00. My favorite anesthesiologist, Dr. Lind, gave me a wonderful epidural that took effect just as the contractions got very painful and intense, around 9:30, then Cami was born at 10:09. She's a pleasant little soul who doesn't cry much (so far). She kept me up a ton last night, so she's a typical Bartholomew baby -- not a sleeper, but a keeper!

She's beautiful, with a bit of light brown hair, and our biggest ba…

Little Girls' Hair (Wordless Wednesday)

Back when we had one girl and two boys, my husband and I made a deal: he'd get the boys in our family ready for Church, while I'd help the girls.

Seemed like a pretty good deal at the time.

Well, since that deal was made, we've had six more girls join our family.

Which means that there's quite an assembly line of hair to do come Sunday morning.

On Sunday, I did Sarah's hair first. All the other girls liked it so much they wanted to match.

From the archives: Life with your hands full

Last May, I guest-posted on another blog about life in a large family. Here's the interview for you to read and enjoy while I head off to the hospital tomorrow to welcome our newest miracle.

What is hard about having a large family? But even more, what do you *love* about it?
I think the three most challenging difficulties for me are:
1. Coming to peace with “good enough.” With eight kids, a busy husband, a large house, a fairly-large piece of property, hobbies and interests to develop, plus Church responsibilities and friends and neighbors to love, it seems that there is always more to do than can be done with my finite capabilities and my limited time. Choosing one area of my life to improve always means that another corner gets neglected. Sometimes things fall through the cracks on accident, and often, I have to let things slide on purpose, reminding myself that I am focusing on what’s most important to do at this time in my life. Sometimes when I make the tough choices to …

Are Mormons just naive and out of touch with the "real world?" (Friday Favorites)

With the recent press coverage of Mormonism, given Mitt Romney's presidential candidacy, has come some pretty interesting attacks on my faith. One recent column asserted that we are all just out of touch with the "real" world.

This blog post was a beautiful response to that:

Whose world is "realer?"

I loved the entire piece, but particularly these excerpts:

I get it, Ian. Your world is not my world. Fine. Your world is cooler than my world. OK. I'm not bothered by that.

But you seem to think that your world is the real world, and that the real world is something I'm impossibly distanced from. You say that missionaries, in particular, are immune to reality. "Mormons see the world," you say, "but they don't get it."

And that's when I get mad.&

You know the world, I would guess, far better from how it looks on paper than from how it looks up close.

Because of my church, I've seen it up close. I've helped struggling peop…

Winter Snapshots (Wordless Wednesday)

The simple moments are the best.

Like working on crafts together with your sisters.

or clearing the snow before Church.

or building awesome creations with magnetic toys.

Or decorating for Grandpa's birthday party.

Or watching your youngest suck her ring finger.

or creating a bunk bed out of shelves and filling it full of sisters.

and thoroughly enjoying the rare days we've had snow this winter.