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I've had so many wonderful, lifting experiences lately, despite it being "one of those years." Or perhaps it's because it's been one of those years. I often forget that with our greatest challenges also come the greatest opportunities for growth and the greatest opportunities to really feel and know of God's love for His children. I was reminded of this talk tonight as I talked with a friend about the roller coaster of emotions being a mother brings.

Here are a few of the nourishing blessings I've had this week:

* And then there was one. Tonight DH took six little kids camping with our ward, leaving me with just Harmony to care for. Some men give flowers and jewelry; but that's not for me. Give me a night with just one child to care for, $5.38 for a Subway sandwich (I tried the sweet onion dressing tonight for the first time -- so good), and a library card. I'm satisfied.

* Thee lift me, and I lift thee, and we'll ascend together. I'…

Renewal (nearly Wordless Wednesday)

I've been getting my exercise every evening around sunset. There are two paths I take. One takes me a short distance along a busy road, across a bridge and onto a beautiful walking path that follows the river. During the day, I take that path.

(picture from fall)

The other path takes me up a hill and through a neighborhood. In the evening, I take that route.

Last night, the sunset was spectacular.

One of those years

A friend was talking to me about a tough time in her life. "It was one of those years," she said. I enjoyed that description and found it liberating. It seems like I've had a lot of days lately that have tried me to the limit; days where I begin the day tired and end it even more so. Often, I've sighed and thought, "it's one of those days," but then felt guilty because I've been having way too many of those days, when my perfect plans for getting ahead on the housework and spend extra time nurturing my children are thwarted by circumstance.

Today, for example, I began the day with a huge mess in the kitchen to tackle. I should have cleaned it last night, but I thought, "hey, it's mother's day; there will be plenty of time tomorrow." (DH HAD cleaned the kitchen thoroughly after breakfast as well as cooked all the meals and planned a picnic up the canyon, so it's not like he hadn't done more than his share already) Bu…

Stepping Out

Harmony will be nine months old tomorrow. In honor of her birthday, I thought I'd show you one of her firsts:

Yep, last week, she had her first swing ride. She was a little ambivalent about it at first, but once we smiled at her, she smiled back and enjoyed it.

And while we're on the subject of firsts, last week, she took her first step! She's still far from "putting one foot in front of the other, and walking out the door," but it's a start, and the earliest any of my kids has done it.

Isn't she cute?

We all adore her.

Planning the Summer?

If you're in Utah County, I just finished updating my yearly list of things to do and places to go; it helps me to plan our summer activities. It's pretty comprehensive, with prices, hours, and websites. It also includes many Salt Lake attractions. If you know of something that should be added to the list, please leave a comment and let me know!

You can download it by clicking here.

Please share this with your friends!

Rearranging Blogger

It took me a few tries with various tutorials, some of which were complete failures, to find a way to hide the snake pictures after a "Read more" link below (I didn't want people TOO grossed out by my blog). For those who are interested in trying to install a hack like this on your blog, here's the tutorial I used.

And a while back, I went from a two-column blogger to a three-column layout using this tutorial. I also tried several other tutorials with no success.

Neither fix is particularly easy, but there you go.

You don't want to see these pictures.

So don't look. Especially if you're squeamish.

Trust me, you don't want to know about the three snakes Allison caught and shared with her sisters, the way they slithered in and out and around their hands, the way they captured them when they squirmed away, and the absolute delight with which they handled them. You certainly wouldn't want to hear the story about how they captured three snakes in the front yard and convinced their mom to let them keep them, if only for the afternoon.

And you REALLY don't want to see these videos, even if they are hilarious.
(Disclosure: No snakes or children were harmed in the making of these videos.)

Perhaps this would be a good time to mention I hate snakes. I can't stand the way they move, the way they wriggle, the way their faces are so . . . snakelike. I have absolutely no desire to see, touch, or hear about them. If you posted pictures like these on YOUR blog, I'd probably skip it.

But I do love my kids and I'm gla…