Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Renewal (nearly Wordless Wednesday)

I've been getting my exercise every evening around sunset. There are two paths I take. One takes me a short distance along a busy road, across a bridge and onto a beautiful walking path that follows the river. During the day, I take that path.

(picture from fall)

The other path takes me up a hill and through a neighborhood. In the evening, I take that route.

Last night, the sunset was spectacular.


Michelle said...


Breeze said...

I'm jealous how close you are to be able to walk the river. But those are AMAZING shots.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh, how beautiful!!! Sunsets are my favorite. I have so many pictures of them I should start putting them on greeting cards. :-) And I am jealous you can walk in such nice weather along such beautiful paths. But then come January, here in AZ we have nothing to complain about.

John Colton said...

Beautiful pictures, Christina!


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