Wednesday, June 21, 2017

One a Day: February 2017

Swimming lessons!

Aunt Shirley's graveside

This kid is so loved!

Happy Birthday to Minion-loving Cami!

Our friend Hailey and her baby

Birthday Party for Cami

Everyone watching as Allison's new guinea pig is introduced to the one we've had since Christmas

Katie with the self-portrait she made in kindergarten

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

One a Day: January 2017

I'm a just a little behind in posting these.  :)

4th Grade Ski Day

Allison loves it when I put in this zipper braid

Right after the hair disaster -- sadly, her hair grows very slowly.

Sarah's ballroom dance showcase -- she was super eager to get her picture taken.  :)

Making cakes for Sweetheart's Dance

Allison and Gimli

Harmony made this bag for Cami's birthday

Just a few days left before our friend Hailey's baby is born!

Blanket forts

Thanksgiving Point

We caught up our food storage this month -- a big project!

Katie's new haircut

Hailey's little baby, just days old

Hearing about mission experiences for Family Home Evening


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