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Christmas Moments (Wordless Wednesday)

Just before heading out to our traditional Christmas Eve meal at the Chinese Restaurant (yep; we're missing a couple kids here, but we let them come with us anyway) Acting out the nativity Santa brought scooters for Allison and Sarah with our adopted grandma across the street Santa brought Harmony a doll stroller and she found the perfect doll to go in it. I did a bit of sewing this year and made five of the kids personalized superhero capes. My mom also did some sewing and all the girls got these adorable aprons. Watch out, small animals! Merry Christmas! (I think this is the only photo of Christmas I'm actually in) Not pictured: One of my favorite new items from Christmas was a 400-disk DVD player. Since we don't have television except for videos, we've collected a lot of them over the years and they are constantly getting fingerprints or scratches on them. They also take up a lot of space and the kids make a mess with them and sometimes break them. W

Merry Christmas! (wordless Wednesday)

I hope you're having a wonderful time enjoying this season. We're almost finished wrapping up the gifts today (doesn't help to wrap early when you have little ones who shake, poke, and pry). We're enjoying our 25 days of Christmas stories every night, and I'm enjoying having all eight home. We got dumped on with about a foot of snow, so the kids have plenty to entertain them. And Sarah modeled a few photos outside for me yesterday -- isn't she adorable? I think this is my favorite shot of her all year:

The Power of Forgiveness (Favorites Friday)

If you have an hour free (maybe while cleaning your house?), this interview is amazing to listen to. It's with Gary Ceran, who lost two children and his wife to a drunk driver on Christmas Eve in 2006. The amazing part? He immediately reached out and forgave the man who caused the crash, showed up at the sentencing to plead for leniency , and visited him in prison. In the interview, Gary discusses the parts of his life that led up to that night, the difficulty he'd had previously in dealing with the grief of losing five of his nine children previous to the accident (twins to premature birth then three children to brain tumors), and his faith in God. He discusses very poignantly his feelings about death. After the accident, Gary had just two children left in his family. If you want to hear something to change your life and your heart, this is it. Click here for the interview with Gary Ceran.

More cute little girls

I've been challenging myself to master my camera better. I usually use Av mode for my portraits, but I've switched to full manual and I'm liking the results. This is one of my new favorites of Katie, fingers in the mouth and all. I like this one too, but I think the black background might be a tad too harsh. I didn't nail the focus like I wanted in this next one, but I love the composition and the story it tells. Harmony can barely sit still for a picture, but I love this laid-back one. I like the sweetness of this one. But the expression on this one is more her personality. And finally, one of Eliza with the beautiful snow as a backdrop.

Remember the 80s? (Wordless Wednesday)

So do I. What a lovely time it was, too. My daughters brought it all back for me this morning as we prepared them for "decades day" at school. I tell you, though, they don't make hairspray like they used to. Meanwhile, my awesome boys sported looks from the grand 50s. And my oldest daughter? She got to dress in best dress because her class is going to the Nutcracker today. I think she was secretly glad to miss out on the "big hair" craze. She was a willing participant on crazy hair day yesterday, so maybe not. Joey and Michael were not as pleased with their hair, but they pulled it off anyway. My talents with a brush, comb and clippies are highly in demand. Not long after these pictures were taken, Sarah adjusted her headbands to push back and cover her bangs. She told me that night that "ALL. DAY. LONG." people were calling her Allison. She got a kick out of that.


I don't play the piano well. I wish I did, and if I had practiced more, like my mother suggested, I probably would. But I enjoyed too many other things as a child and I didn't give enough time to it. But you know what? I play well enough to give service with my meager talents. When I took early-morning Seminary as a ninth-grader, I was the only one who played in the class. One of the few hymns I could play with both hands was "Choose the Right," so we sung that. A lot. When one of the boys started complaining about how often we were singing that, I got over my self-consciousness about not playing with both hands and we branched out into a lot more hymns that I could play with just the top-hand. The next year (or maybe the next semester, I don't remember which), I was in a class with only one other person who could play the piano, and her skill level was only slightly higher than mine. So Rebecca Swenson and I both sat at the piano. I'd play the top

Amazing Baby! (Wordless Wednesday)

Watch out, world, Katie's pulling to a stand! I love her grin! She turned seven months old the day after these pictures were taken. Most of my babies have been early movers and late talkers , and Katie's definitely fitting right in with Harmony and the rest. Oh the memories! Allison and Sarah Lillian

Surprise Mall Chorus (Friday Favorites)

I love this kind of thing! You can read more about the event here .

A hundred days hath May and December . . .

Or at least they SHOULD have that many days if they're going to be as full as this! December and May are the craziest months in a large family -- or maybe in any family? In the next 25 days, we have two work parties, a ward Christmas party, a Relief Society Christmas activity, a violin concert, a dance recital, a school Christmas party, my mother's group discussion and field trip, Scouts and Activity Day girls, Visiting Teaching appointments (on Thursday -- I'm making my visits early this month!), orthodontist and doctor's visits, plus the extra things my family wants to do: go to the Farley Family Christmas play, see the new Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU, watch the Provo downtown Living Nativity presentation, take three more kids out individually to shop for their secret buddies, and bring gifts to our neighbors and friends. Oh, and my husband wants to make a trip with some of the kids down to visit his sister in Southern Arizona before she and her family leave for Ge

Four & Two (Wordless Wednesday)

One of the great privileges of being a mother is watching your children form close relationships. Eliza and Harmony are 4 and 2 now, just 21 months apart, and will be just a year apart in school. With the twins gone to school all day for first grade, they've discovered each other. It makes me so happy when my children are kind to one another, and it gives me a glimpse of what our Father in Heaven must feel when His children are kind.