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Allison came to me the other day with a great idea: "Mommy, how 'bout Eliza doesn't have a birthday this year and Harmony does and then they can be twins just like me and Sarah!"

I heart NY (Wordless Wednesday)

For Family Home Evening this week, we got to hear all about DH & Lillian's trip to New York. They had a great time, and brought back a few trinkets/consolation prizes for the other kids:

Little Girls (Wordless Wednesday)


38 Weeks (and other reasons to celebrate)!

And just to compare -- here's that 32 week picture again:
Reason #1: I'm getting excited to have this baby! DH and Lillian come home at midnight tonight, so it looks like this little gal is going to at least wait for her daddy to be there before she arrives. It has actually been nice to have him gone, to have a reason to not be so desperate this week. Usually, I'm extra anxious, hoping for an early baby, timing contractions and crossing my fingers. But it's been nice to just relax and be patient. I see my doctor tomorrow and may even schedule an induction.

Reason #2: My friend Alexis came over on Friday and cut everyone's hair -- she comes every couple of months. I've been feeling so tired of my hair and wanting a change. The last times I've felt like that, I've cut my hair short. I've always liked it, but DH hasn't. So this time, I had my hair straightened and got bangs! It's a big change for me -- I haven't had bangs since I …

An hour and ten minutes later

And I still hadn't seen the doctor this morning. To be fair, he is not my regular doctor, who is out of town. He's covering both his own patients and hers as well this week, and I think there was probably a delivery going on. But still, as the time went on and on, I started to wonder if I would be out in time to pick up Allison and Sarah from kindergarten. Finally, at 11:05 (my appointment was at 10:00), I asked what my chances were of getting out of there by 11:30. The nurses checked and came back and told me there were still five people to be seen before me, but that I could come back later and see the nurse practitioner, who by the way couldn't do a full exam. Or I could wait and see my regular doctor in a week. So I took that last option and left, feeling a bit disappointed I'd wasted so much time just waiting.

As for the exam, I guess I really don't need one. I'm sure I'm more dilated and effaced than last week, when I was 2.5 cm and 50% effaced…

Marriage Improvement Ideas

For our mother's group this morning, we invited an older woman, Lois Jarman, to lead a discussion on strengthening marriages. Lois is one of those women who just glows and I was inspired by the ideas she brought and the things she discussed. I love being able to learn from women who are further along in life than I am. She's been married 57 years (I think that's what she said) and her husband is also wonderful.

From my memory, here are the things she discussed:

* Find things that you enjoy doing together as a couple. For her and her husband, they loved music and tennis. Her husband played basketball for BYU and she enjoyed attending his games. They sang a lot during their courtship, because she was taking piano lessons and he'd meet her at her practice room. They continued singing as a family every Sunday together and even today when the family gathers, they sing. She brought copies of their two favorite songs, Desert Pete and Let's Go Fly a Kite.

* Pray to…

From Six Years Ago (Wordless Wednesday)

From April 2004. Lillian is almost 5, Joey 3.5, Michael almost 2 and twins due to be born in two more months. When I saw this photo this morning, I thought, "Wait, shouldn't there be more kids in this picture?"

And isn't Lillian's dress adorable? I made it; that was back pre-twins when I sewed A LOT!

Can't go over it, can't go under it, we have to go through it!

I'm tired of being pregnant. It's hard to get around. I'm uncomfortable, exhausted, easily irritated, and ready to be finished. I don't feel like doing anything but I still have a house to run, meals to cook, chores to do and supervise, children to nurture and read to and take places. It's tempting to just lie down until the baby comes, but, well, I can't -- you know, seven kids and everything!

I've often thought that life is like that book, "Going on a Bear Hunt." In it, the kids go on hunt for bears and encounter obstacle after obstacle. Each time they meet one, they say, "Can't go over it, can't go under it, we'll have to go through it." It's like that with life; so many times we don't get to choose the troubles and trials that come and often, there's no way around but through.

For Family Home Evening last night, patience was the subject of our lesson. I loved reading President Dieter Uchtdorf's talk…

Joy! (Wordless Wednesday)


Still Pregnant!

Just in case you didn't read my comment on my April Fools post, I'm still here and still pregnant. No baby just yet, though her head dropped two weeks ago so I'm really feeling all these contractions.

I'm now 35 weeks and feeling a little impatient. Luckily, I've got some busy things on the calendar between now and my due date, so I have something to look forward to -- nothing's worse than just sitting around with nothing to do but wait for a baby. This next week is spring break. Next week, we have a normal week, then the week after my husband and Lillian are going to New York for a week. DH has a conference and we were able to get Lillian a ticket for $99. I'm a little bit jealous, as they plan to go to the Phantom of the Opera, hang out in Central Park, and eat delicious food. But even though I've only been really early once (3.5 weeks with Michael), it's probably best I don't get too far from the hospital. They'll get back when I&#…