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Fourth of July Weekend (Wordless Wednesday)

I know; I'm a bit behind. We had a great time, though, with fireworks, Colonial Days, a birthday party for Allison and Sarah, and the Freedom Run.

(Lillian & Joey's first 5K, my second)

Monday Musings, Post #2

* Summer is always crazy-busy with 8 kids. We've had great times swimming, playing, and enjoying life. One night, I took a bunch of the kids over to a nearby school where we played baseball. I assumed that Allison, Sarah, Eliza, and Harmony were too young to play and that I'd be playing with just Joey and Michael, but the little girls joined us and had a great time. Joey threw very gentle pitches, I helped the youngest ones hit the ball, and they loved running around the bases. Allison and Sarah even learned to hit the ball on their own. It was a fun night (at least until the mosquitoes came out).

* In general, our rotating work plans are going well. Michael was my partner for the month of June and it was good training time to make sure he knew how to thoroughly do each job as we worked together. We rotated through each week's assignments, and it's nice for me to know that at least once in those three weeks, the jobs will be done right (by me!), though Lillian a…

Life is an Endurance Sport (and other lessons learned from running)

My marathon training is going well so far. My long run last week was a great 16-mile loop that took me up the foothills of my town, where I startled several deer. Being out in the cool morning hours and watching the sun rise are some of the joys of running.

Running has taught me a lot about myself and also some important insights on life and motherhood. Here are a few of the lessons I've learned through this process:

* Most people are capable of much more than they think they are. Since I started running, I've had so many people say to me, "Wow, I could never do that, " or "I can't imagine running ten miles (or twelve or fifteen)." Which makes me laugh because they seem so similar to the comments I've gotten over the years about the size of my family -- "Wow, eight kids! I couldn't do that," "You must be amazing to be able to handle that!" or "I can barely handle my three."

But the truth is, most of us have wi…