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Running (Friday Favorites)

I've been doing a lot of running lately, including the full 13.1 mile half marathon distance last Saturday (it was a lovely run through Provo Canyon and only painful the last three miles). And yes, I'm going to use this post as a shameless way to brag about what I've been able to do the last few months, so be prepared with helpful and supportive comments (Did I mention that I ran 13.1 miles last week? And maybe this is a good place to note that I'm down 28 lbs. as well.).

My first half marathon race is two weeks from tomorrow, then I've got one more half marathon at the end of the summer and the St. George Marathon on October 1st!

A couple of my favorite marathon training books so far:

Marathon: You Can Do it! by Jeff Galloway. You can read my review here. Basically, this is THE book for Marathon beginners.
The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer is another awesome one, especially for the mental suggestions and in-depth discussion of basics like nutrition, injuries,…

Life with Your Hands Full

I'm the guest post over at Living a Big Story today, answering questions about handling life with your hands full -- how it affects our marriage, how I fit in my own goals, and how I handle the challenges.

Check it out!

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Three Days in Chicago

I know you've all been waiting for weeks, hoping I'd post more about our trip to Chicago (right?). Here's what I sent out in my weekly email to the grandparents about it:ChicagoGrandma came up and went to Church with us last Sunday, then we left early in the afternoon. Katie was pretty good on the plane and was fairly pleasant on Monday as well. From then on, it was downhill. She had a really hard time sleeping in the stroller and instead of taking two long naps a day, she slept only about forty-five minutes each day. She got rather cranky by the end and the plane ride home was miserable, as she fought sleep and cried for the first two hours. She finally gave up and slept on me in an awkward position, and I tried my best not to move at that point. She was so thrilled to be home and quickly regained her pleasant personality after several long naps the next day.
We stayed in the Chicago Hilton, right across from Grant Park and just a block from Lake Michigan.…

A Few Favorites (Wordless Wednesday)

Some of my own kids:

(yes, my mom lets me eat dirt -- why not?)

I've had a couple of sessions lately that have given me hope that I might turn into an amazing photographer yet! You can see more on my photo blog.

Notes on "Raising Siblings Who Love Each Other"

Our Mother's Group on Friday enjoyed a discussion led by Natalie Larson, a mother of five boys and sister to ten siblings. I enjoyed learning from her experience and the others who came. I didn't take notes and a full weekend of yard work, photo shoots and other craziness means I'm only hitting the highlights, but here are a few ideas that Natalie shared with us:

* Natalie recommended the book Siblings without Rivalry.

* Don't compare your kids, don't have favorites and be careful not to label your kids – like “the quiet one,” “the naughty one,” "the stubborn one," etc. Not only does it encourage at times the very behaviors we want to discourage, but it also gives the other siblings a reason to doubt their own worth and abilities. How would YOU feel if your sister were the "pretty one" and your brother were the "smart one?"

* While we do need to respond to our kids’ unique traits, we shouldn’t allow them to feel as if they can only p…

Do a Good Deed Today

A friend of a friend is mourning her son. Isaac would have been two today, but he died just over a year ago at the age of 8 months. In honor of his birthday, his mother is asking for people to honor his memory by doing small acts of service. Leave a comment with what you've done and make Rachel's day a little brighter.

Rachel says about her son:
I have thought a lot about the kind of boy Isaac is, and the joy and love that just radiated from his chubby little body. He had the most beautiful smile, and he shared it so freely, in turn making everyone around him smile. I think he just brought smiles and sunshine with him wherever he went. So, in honor of him, I want to do something to make someone else smile and feel loved, just as he did for me. . . . . I encourage all of you, anyone who ever met Isaac, or who simply read about him or saw his photo and loved him, to do the same.

[G]o out of your way to make someone happy. Do something compassionate and loving. Help som…


May is always a really busy month, with end-of-year activities for every child, a bunch of birthdays, Mother's Day, and gearing up for summer. I've got a couple of blog posts (including a guest spot and a Chicago trip report) in the works, but in the meantime, I've made a lot of progress lately, and I wanted to give a quick report on a few things:

1. Summer Plans
I'm determined that my kids will learn how to work this summer AND how to do it without fighting. I've divided up the workload into three different schedules (A,B, and C). Each schedule has what needs to be done in the morning, afternoon, and evening, along with three spots for checkmarks. The first is if it's done, the second is for if when it's done without reminders and the third is for when it's done cheerfully. The kids and I will be on three separate teams as follows:

June Team 1: Lillian and Allison
June Team 2: Joey and Sarah
June Team 3: Mom, Michael, and Eliza


Four Birthdays in Eleven Days

I love having birthday clusters!
From youngest to oldest:

Katie turned one this week! (And her personality is even sweeter than these photos)

Michael turned 9 and Lillian turned 12

And last week, our family celebrated the birthday of our family -- our 14th wedding anniversary!