Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do a Good Deed Today

A friend of a friend is mourning her son. Isaac would have been two today, but he died just over a year ago at the age of 8 months. In honor of his birthday, his mother is asking for people to honor his memory by doing small acts of service. Leave a comment with what you've done and make Rachel's day a little brighter.

Rachel says about her son:
I have thought a lot about the kind of boy Isaac is, and the joy and love that just radiated from his chubby little body. He had the most beautiful smile, and he shared it so freely, in turn making everyone around him smile. I think he just brought smiles and sunshine with him wherever he went. So, in honor of him, I want to do something to make someone else smile and feel loved, just as he did for me. . . . . I encourage all of you, anyone who ever met Isaac, or who simply read about him or saw his photo and loved him, to do the same.

[G]o out of your way to make someone happy. Do something compassionate and loving. Help someone else feel better, even for a brief moment. Think of my dearest little Isaac, and the joy he would have spread each day had he lived longer. And try to scatter some sunshine of your own, in honor of him. Then, if you don't mind, please let us know what you did. It would mean a lot to me, and I think it would also mean a great deal to him.


runningfan said...

Thanks for the blog-hopping comment. Your family is beautiful...and you sound very ambitious!

Rachel said...

I just thought I'd share an experience I had two years ago as a nurse. I was taking care of a couple who just had a baby. The nurse that I was taking over for handed me some beautiful infant clothes. One year ago that day, a couple lost their little baby during childbirth. In order to commemorate his birth and to have something good come of it, they asked that the clothes they bought for their little one be given to a new baby born a year later...I happened to be the lucky nurse who got to be a part of the generosity and love shown by this couple. It was a wonderful way to commemorate the loss, but also to bring about some good. I cry every time I think about it:) Even now, and that was at least 2-3 years ago.


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