Wednesday, January 16, 2019

One a Day 2018 ~ January to March

My one-a-day project last year went pretty well.  I allowed myself on rare occasions to choose two favorite photos from the day.  I ended up with 336 photos, with about 20 days with duplicates.  So that means I took a picture on 316 days out of 365, giving me about an 86% success rate.  I'm continuing the project in 2019 and I'm hoping to feel more motivated.

From the first quarter of the year:


We celebrated Christmas morning on New Year's Day last year, sicne we were in California the week before.

My last baby's blessing day

Three Months Old

We bought and remodeled a duplex

Add caption

Harmony's card for Grandpa's birthday

Lillian's mission call, ready to open -- how she waited three more days, I don't know.

Called to Sao Paulo, where our friends are from!

Taking a sick day

Crazy hair day


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