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Six Days Old ~ Gideon's Newborn Photos (Wordless Wednesday)

Babies lose their newborn squishiness way too fast.


My birthday is this weekend.  I will be 40.  At one time, forty seemed to me to be quite old, but now it just seems rather normal.  I remember talking to people about exercise when I was in my 20s and telling them, "I just want to stay in shape so I can play basketball with my kids when I'm forty."  Forty seemed a world away and rather abstract.  And now it's here.

My life isn't exactly what I pictured. While I'm in great shape and even took to running half marathons in my 30s, I don't play basketball with my kids because none of them particularly likes that sport.   My kids are great people, but they're also normal kids who talk back to their parents at times and tease their younger siblings.  Having lots of kids has been more wonderful than I imagined, but also a lot harder than I ever expected it to be.  My marriage is strong and healthy and I'm blessed with a husband who is as committed to our faith and family as I am.  But we also have a norm…

Halloween 2017 ~ Wordless Wednesday


The Last ~ Gideon's Birth Story

It has been a few happy, lovely, exhausting weeks since Gideon joined us. He is a sweet baby, but especially this last week, he's been a bit more fussy than my other babies.  He fights sleep and once he is asleep, doesn't settle into it for long.  Up until a few nights ago, he was up every two hours to eat at night, like clockwork -- 12, 2, 4, 6 most nights.  We tried giving him a bottle of formula two nights in a row just to see if that would help.  It did, sort of.  Both nights, he slept 3 hours at first, then woke up every 2 after that.  I decided that extra hour of sleep wasn't worth the hassle of the bottle, so we're back to exclusively nursing.  He still slept 3 hours last night, then woke up every two after that.  At least he is consistent.  And the nice thing about breastfeeding is I can pull him into bed with me and feed him while we both drift back to sleep.

I'm getting a nap every day, so life is still manageable, and I'm trying to soak up every mome…