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Notes on Acts 22-28 "A Minister and a Witness," CFM study for July 29 - Aug. 4

Paul's Personal Defense and Conversion, Acts 22:1-21Paul delivers a short message to the mob while being led into the barracks by the chief captain.  He speaks in the "Hebrew tongue," or Aramaic.  He recounts how he was just like them, taught by Gamaliel and zealous toward God, "as ye all are this day."  (v. 3).  He was even a persecutor like they are.  He recounts his conversion story on the road to Damascus, with slight variations from the last time we heard it.  In Acts 9, it says that the men with him heard the voice but didn't see the light while here it says the opposite.  The JST corrects the verse in chapter 9 to match this version.  It's inevitable that when you tell a story, an error could creep in or that you emphasize different details for different audiences (see this article, for example).  This is the first time we hear about Ananias' words to Paul after he gave him his sight.  I love that Ananias, Mr. "Wait, are you sure you me…

Notes on Acts 16-21 "The Lord Had Called Us for to Preach the Gospel", CFM study for July 22-28

Starting with chapter 16, Acts almost exclusively tells us about Paul's experiences and leaves out the other apostles.  Pairing that fact with the appearance of the term "we" on and off through the rest of the book gives pretty good evidence that Luke was a missionary companion to Paul.  I wonder if Luke realized when he wrote that his account would form basically the only narrative accounts after the gospels that we'd have easy access to centuries later.  I assume that he thought that there would be many other records made and kept so he was more focused on the part of history that he saw and experienced.  In these chapters we cover the second and third missionary journey of Paul and his final journey to Jerusalem.

Timothy Travels with Paul on Paul's Second Mission, Acts 16:1-5
Even though they just had the Jerusalem conference that decided that Gentiles wouldn't need to be circumcised, and part of Paul's mission is to take the decree of the counsel aroun…