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Seven Years with Twins

I know it sounds trite, but it really doesn't seem like seven years have passed since Sarah . . .
and Allison . . .
joined our family.

Of all my kids, these two have challenged me the most. They are bright, curious, active, delightful, and simply amazing. I have so many wonderful memories . . .

The day I thought I was losing a pregnancy and instead found out I was having twins -- I couldn't sleep that night I was so excited.

The way that pregnancy was SO uncomfortable the last few months and how desperate I was to be delivered.
The way the older three (ages 5, 3, and 2) embraced these little babies, and how I went from a mom with three kids close in age to a mom with my hands full.

The way they loved each other and started to interact at an early age.

That first, amazing year watching these two girls develop their own unique personalities.

And the way I love to watch them grow up together.

Age 1:

Age 2 (the year I barely survived!):

(they might kill me for this photo later -- but this …

Why I run

"Hey, I wanted to tell you I'm really proud of you," said my elderly neighbor the day after my half-marathon run. "You've done a great job with your running and your weight loss," he continued. "But I wanted to ask why you are trying to run a marathon?"

"Well, the biggest reason is that we know there are more children and I've got to be healthy and strong enough to be able to handle pregnancy and keep up with all the kids I've got. I also need a goal to keep me motivated."

"Well," he said, "there's two ways to look at fitness, you know. You can train to be fit, or you can try to run a marathon just to say you've run a marathon." He then warned me about pushing too hard and crashing, with the clear message that he thought training for a marathon wasn't very smart.

The conversation ended soon after, but his advice, though a bit unwelcome, made me consider again all the reasons I'm doing this. …

Vote for me!

I'm a finalist over at Power of Moms for the "Best of the Blogs" about Deliberate Motherhood.

I'm pleased, flattered, and excited, to be chosen out of SO many wonderful blogs. In fact, I think I look like this about it:
(only not as young and cute)

Please vote for me if you think my blog:
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