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Drinking from a fire hose (and an exciting announcement!)

With 11 kids ages almost 19 down to 4 months, life moves so quickly.  I take time each Sunday to write an email about our lives to my kids' grandparents and to some close friends.  I really appreciate that time to reflect on the events of the past week and to try to record some of our accomplishments, funny stories, and time together.  Even so, I often feel as if I'm drinking life from a fire hose -- there is always more to do than can be done and so much is happening that I don't get the time I want to simply enjoy it.  I wouldn't change it for the world, but I also am trying very hard to notice and enjoy all the vibrant happenings around me.

I don't take the time to write for this blog as often as I once did, and I'm not sure that will change anytime soon.  Making the daily choice between all the good things I want to do with my limited time is one of the biggest challenges of this stage of my life.  I pray daily for help knowing where to put my efforts and h…