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Bartholomew Family Pictures (Wordless Wednesday)

My good friend Chalice took these pictures -- if you're in Mesa (or Utah parts of year -- usually summer, for some odd reason!), you have GOT to have her take your photos. Don't tell her I told you, but she seriously doesn't charge enough for the great work she does!

We thought we were the biggest family in the park that day, but then this momma duckling showed up with her nine babies. Show off!
My other favorite family one:
And a dose of real life:
Me with all my kiddos -- WOW, that's a huge number of faces -- am I sure I'm up to this?
And DH with all the kiddos:

I love how Chalice captured the twins together -- hmmmm . . . I wonder if they're identical?

A few more favorites:

The first nice picture of DH & I sans kids since our wedding 13 years ago:
Some of the individuals:

I did this collage to print for my wall with my favorite scripture. Sure beats printing out 8 8 x 10s and then trying to make sure they are exactly straight on the wall! (Plus Costco print…

Our Collective Memory Loss

I gave birth to Katie naturally. No drugs, no epidural, just me and a whole lot of pain. It was the first time I'd gone without an epidural and I'm still undecided whether I'll go that route again.

It's been interesting to hear people's reactions to my experience. By and large, women in my generation say, "Wow!" "Amazing!" "How did you do that?" or "I could never do that."

But women twenty years older say, "Oh," or "Been there, done that!" They are not impressed with my accomplishment because to them, it isn't brave or unusual to give birth without epidurals. To their generation, pain was an accepted part of childbirth, even if it wasn't particularly welcome.

You weren't brave, amazing, or different than any other woman by choosing that option; it was just something you did, a normal and natural part of life.

Life is pain, after all, and it was meant to be hard.

I wondered if as a society, w…

Daddy Trip Highlights (nearly Wordless Wednesday)

Lots of people asked me where my husband went on his Daddy trip. It might have been easier to say where he DIDN'T go. He loves to pack in as many destinations as possible. In ten days, they stayed in six different "homes."

I guess all that made our home a bit forgettable. As I was walking Sarah down to see the changes I'd made in her room, she gasped, "Hey! I remember these stairs!"

Here are some of the highlights from the trip:

Visiting the Devil's Post Pile near Bishop, California:

Beautiful Scenery near the campground:
Camping out in the tent trailer and eating breakfast:

Rockhunting near Obsidian Dome:
Visiting Scenic Mono lake:


Driving through beautiful country and hiking to some falls:

Visiting the oldest trees in the world in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest:
a young bristlecone pine is quite lovely:

the older ones are shaped by the wind into twisting works of art:

Visiting Yosemite:
catching bugs everywhere (each child brought their own bug cage):