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Two Cute Girls (Wordless Wednesday)

Harmony's hard to get pictures of lately. She moves quickly and barely glances at the camera. But I love this shot with her looking toward the window.

Eliza is not much better at looking at the camera, but she sits still longer and she has the most expressive face.

Q&A: Pets

From Bjalstrom:
I have a question for you about the kitties I see in some of your pictures. How did you decide to add pets to the picture? How did you decide on cats? How do you teach your children to treat the animals? How do you not traumatize the pets with excited little kiddies? Just curious. I've always wondered how adding pets to a family works out when the children are small.
Pets seem to happen naturally in a house with kids. I don't think any special effort needs to be made to seek them out, only to keep them from moving in and taking over! While my husband and I have planned other aspects of our lives, our pets just seem to find us.

I do have one rule, however: No dogs. My husband would love one, as would all of my kids, but I KNOW how much work those adorable little puppies take and I don't need to make my life more difficult. I've told DH that as soon as he's retired and is home to train the dog himself, then he can have one.

We actually did own a …

Funny (and Wise) Words

I enjoyed reading this so much today, I thought I'd pass along the link:

A Few Things I Have Learned in my Many Years of Parenthood

Fitting it all in (but slowing down)

I often get questions like this: "How do you do it? I'm amazed at all you accomplish." or "How do you ever find time for yourself?" There's a huge perception that if you have a lot of kids, there must never be any down time. But really, while one of the most frustrating parts of having lots of kids is that there is always more to do than can be done, there is also time to rest, time to think, and time to develop talents and work on personal projects.

I've decided that there are two types of approaches to housework and projects. One is the tortoise approach, the "slow and steady wins the race" philosophy. This type of woman approaches her work a little at a time, at a steady pace. She'll do one load of laundry, folding it and putting it away each day. She cleans up after every meal, picks up the toys and books whenever they're out of place, and enjoys the peace of a clean and comfortable home. But while she does great with the d…

Spring, Spring, Spring (Wordless Wednesday)

Isn't it a lovely time of year?

Welcome Spring!

I love having warmer days!

Fears of the Future

When I was young and newly married, a Sunday School teacher asked the question, "What are some of your fears about the future?" There was a long, long, uncomfortable pause as no one ventured an answer, so I raised my hand. (I was a teacher myself at the time, and felt sorry for the poor guy.)

"One of my biggest fears," I said, "is that my husband and I know we're going to have a big family. I worry about how I'm going to feed all those kids!"

The teacher, thankful to have a response -- any response -- jumped and ran with the rest of his lesson, talking about how we can overcome our fears, such as mine about providing for a large family, through faith.

I didn't correct him (at least not that I remember), but really, I wasn't worried at all about providing food for all those kids.

I was worried about feeding them.

Every meal.

Every day.

For the rest of my life.

I don't like to cook. I didn't then and I don't now. And I was serious wh…

32 Weeks (Wordless Wednesday)

Picture taken by Joey.

I spoke too soon

In one of those ironic twists, guess what broke down completely yesterday, all full of slimy dishes ready to be washed?

Yep, we're down to one dishwasher. Which is still better than none, right?

So feel free to laugh heartily at me now.

Days like this . . . (Wordless Wednesday)

Make me thankful we have two dishwashers! Ah, the wonderful things you get to do when you build your own house.

Two Months!

It's March 9th, which means just two more months until May 9th, my due date! I can't believe it's that close! On the other hand, my body is showing signs all the time that it really IS that soon. I wake up at least once every night because of all the pressure on my bladder, my back hurts often, I'm starting to waddle when I walk, I'm getting short of breath, and I'm feeling pretty exhausted sometimes. But it's only gotten hard the last few weeks, and it's not to the totally-miserable stage yet, so that's great! Those middle few months, from mid-December until late February, were wonderful. I had so much energy, the morning sickness was gone, the baby started moving, and I felt on top of the world. Up to a month ago, I was still running, one or two miles at a time, but now I get contractions just from walking around. This little girl is active, moving and kicking me and reminding me all the time that she's on her way.

Here's to enduri…

Q&A: Why So Large? How Will You Know You're Done?

After this post, I'll have finally worked through all the questions I was asked last summer! Thanks for your patience with me as I've taken a lot longer to answer them than I thought I would. There were many questions about our large family, and because these questions are so personal and important to me, I've saved them for the last.

From The Depews:
Did you always know you wanted such a large family?

From Katie:
How did you come about having a large family? Did you always know you'd have so many so close, or was it something that kind of happened?
Before I met my husband, I never really thought about how many kids I'd eventually have. I knew being a mother was something I wanted to do with my life, but I wasn't one of those girls that spends her days planning her future family, what they'll look like, what their names will be, etc. I didn't date a lot in high school, and to be truthful, I sometimes wondered if I'd even find the right man to marry …

Q&A: Naps

From Tiffany:
I want to know how and if you ever manage naps during the daytime for yourself.

Something you never realize before becoming a mom is just how much of your life with little children revolves around sleep: having it interrupted, trying to get it, and often, surviving without it.

I'm a huge believer in the restorative power of naps. An experienced mom told me once that an hour in the afternoon is worth two at night and I think that's true.

As to whether I manage to actually get those naps, it depends on which year you're asking about! The year my twins were born, and I had five kids ages 5 and under, it was an enormous challenge. I was waking sometimes thrice a night to care for those girls -- who like all my others didn't sleep through the night until they were about ten months old -- and with five kids home in the afternoon (Lillian had morning kindergarten), it was nearly impossible to get naps during the week. Late afternoons and evenings were the harde…