Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Two Months!

It's March 9th, which means just two more months until May 9th, my due date! I can't believe it's that close! On the other hand, my body is showing signs all the time that it really IS that soon. I wake up at least once every night because of all the pressure on my bladder, my back hurts often, I'm starting to waddle when I walk, I'm getting short of breath, and I'm feeling pretty exhausted sometimes. But it's only gotten hard the last few weeks, and it's not to the totally-miserable stage yet, so that's great! Those middle few months, from mid-December until late February, were wonderful. I had so much energy, the morning sickness was gone, the baby started moving, and I felt on top of the world. Up to a month ago, I was still running, one or two miles at a time, but now I get contractions just from walking around. This little girl is active, moving and kicking me and reminding me all the time that she's on her way.

Here's to enduring the last two months! Want to know the sad thing? After enduring the twins' pregnancy, I vowed I'd never complain about the last bit of pregnancy again. At 30 weeks, I measured larger than I had ever before, and I was absolutely miserable. My feet swelled up, and my uterus outgrew my stomach area so much that my ribs were constantly pushing into my belly and causing me sharp pain. I felt ready to burst. But that's not the sad part. The sad part is that while the end of Eliza's pregnancy was easier to endure because that was fresh in my mind, those memories are starting to fade and I'm becoming more of a wimp than I wanted to let myself become. In fact, the last month of pregnancy with Harmony, I begged my fellow twin-moms to remind me exactly how hard it was so I wouldn't complain so much!

In any case, two months from now and I'll be greeting our newest little girl. I still marvel that we'll have five girls under 6 years old and I'm excited to watch them grow up together.

Thanks everyone, for all the wonderful name suggestions, by the way. I took them all, as well as some others I liked, wrote down their meanings, and then asked DH and the older five kids which ones they liked. They put their initial by the names they liked, then I sorted the names by how many people liked them.

Weighing in with three votes each were:
Julie (meaning: youthful, downy)
Amelia (to strive, excel)
Emma (universal)
Getting four votes was:

Anna (gracious, merciful; though we already have an Harmony Anne and an Allison, so this isn't a very good option)

And the clear winner (thanks goes to Kacy who first suggested it) with five votes (Mom, Dad, Lillian, Joey, and Allison):
Katherine (pure)

We've had a few months to let the name settle, and it still sounds wonderful. So, Baby Katie it is!

But now we don't have a middle name for her! I'd really like something short, sweet, and beautiful. My first preferences were for Grace or Hope, but DH vetoed both of those.

So, once again, anyone have some suggestions?

(edited to add: for middle names, we've already used Jane, Christine, Joy, and Anne)


Natalie said...

beautiful name! Oh, I so remember those last 2 months. Some days are fine, but others seem so long. My back hurts just thinking about it. BUT How exciting, all those little girls! What a treasure they'll have in eachother as the years go by. How blessed they all are to be born into your family. I'm excited for you, just 2 months to go!!

Dina said...

I've always loved that name! My friend's daughter is named Katherine and she goes by Kate. Suits her well. Do you have any names from your family line that you haven't used?

Amy said...

I've always loved Jane for a middle name.

Our little family said...

Well, I'm partial to Margaret, since that's our Katherine's middle name. :) (I like your spelling by the way, that's the way we spelled our Katie's name too, and it's my favorite spelling of the name.) I like Katherine Emma, as well as Katherine Jane.

Wendy said...

Well as you might know, I do have a Katherine and we named her after my grandmother for her middle name. So the final result being Katherine Amoi (don't ask me what the Amoi stands for since we used only because it was my grandmother's name and I liked the sound of it) My cousin's name is Katherine Renee,

You could always go with Anne (if you haven't used it yet)

Look through your family history names, and see if anything jumps out at you. That's how we've usually picked our kid's middle names. Or you could opt to not give her a middle name.

Don't you just hate all the options, and choices you have to pick between.

Jacki said...

Beautiful name. Maybe he'll nix this one too because its similar to the others... Katherine Joy ("pure" joy). I also like Katherine Elise. I can't remember your other children's middle names though... Choosing a name has also been hard for us- especially after having a lot of one gender (first and middle names add up quick!)

Gin said...

That's a lovely name! Congrats! I like May for a middle name.

Handsfullmom said...

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I just edited the post to mention we'd already used Jane and Joy.

Gin, I like the name May, too.

Wendy, I like the name Renee, but it's my mother's name and DH says we can't use it because there's already cousins using it (cousins we never see, but whatever).

Dina, I'll have to check our family line for other names I haven't considered.

Jaydee and Shaunda said...

I enjoy reading your blog. You inspire me to be better and enjoy all the moments I have with my children. I hope the next two months go by quickly for you. I like the name "Rose" for a middle name. It fits your criteria...short, sweet, and beautiful. I think Katherine is a lovely name. Good luck.

Stacey said...

I'm partial to Katherine Grace, but that's because I have one! Beautiful names!

Maryanne said...

I have a sister Kathryn-- I love your choice of Katherine. I think it's classic and beautiful. Not sure why Aaron vetoed Hope and Grace, so maybe this would have the same things against it, but how about Faith for a middle name? I love May too. That was an option we considered when naming our daughter (she's Laura Jane).

Hope your last two months fly by.

bjahlstrom said...

Since you like Emma, use that as the middle name. Katherine Emma sounds lovely.

Mostly Diane said...

I have a Kathryn and she hates her name. We only call her it if she is in trouble :). She insists she is Kate. She'll yell if you call her Katie too.

All the middle names I thought of, were already commented on. I thought Faith, and Jane. Other less simple and maybe you've used them are Elise and Aliza.

Kacy said...

I love the name and I'm so thrilled that you like it too. I think it fits well into your family. Imagine how cute little Katie will be.

Kerri said...

My daughter is Kathryn Grace, so I really am partial to Grace, even though your husband ruled it out.


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