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Meet Mr. Moby ~ A Review of the 2015/2016 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon from a family of 12

Life continues to move along at a whirlwind pace for us.  My oldest is a senior, my youngest a 14-month-old who is still not sleeping through the night (we're working on it), and though I find myself home with "only" two kids during the school day this year, I feel like I have yet to catch my breath.

Searching for a Large Passenger Van
One of the things that has occupied a lot of time and energy the last two months was our search for a family vehicle.  Three years ago, we sold our 1999 Chevy Express because we felt like it was mostly taking up space in our driveway.  It was older and more beat up than our other two vehicles and we rarely had to take the whole family places around town, so for the most part, we were able to make do with my 8 passenger Sienna and my husband's 7 passenger Highlander.  We took the van on trips but otherwise ignored it, poor thing.  We figured we'd save on gas, insurance, and the yearly battery replacements caused by having it sit un…

Worth a Look: Sunflowers, Trees, And how we can be more like Sam Gamgee

Fascinating: *  Is it too late to share a really cool article about the greatest gymnast of all time?  Just watching some of those flips in slow motion is enough to make my jaw drop.

*  This podcast about the interconnection of forests is fascinating!  From Tree to Shining Tree

*  The mystery of why sunflowers turn to follow the sun -- Solved!

Current Events: *  Hilarious!  Donald and Hobbes (laugh or cry, darn it.  laugh or cry)
*  Is this another "so last month" issue?  On Bathrooms:

*  My views most closely mirror those in this editorial:  Finding-- not forcing -- a balance for transgender rights
Inspiring: *  A Masterpiece on the subject of suffering:  Reflecting on the "Marks of Jesus".  I think I need to read this several more times to absorb it all.
*  Tolkien Alternatives to the 'Benedict Option':
Lastly comes the Gamgee Option. Here are its basic principles: Like Sam Gamgee, we know we are little things, incapable of moving the gears of the great.…