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I did it!

I ran my first marathon on Saturday. Mesa Falls, in Ashton, Idaho. I did it 15 weeks pregnant, with an injured leg, and with a smile on my face. All 26.2 miles of it.

See that medal around my neck?
I earned it!

(And did you notice my cute baby bump?)

More details to come, but suffice it to say I feel incredibly blessed that despite a big slow-down because of my right knee and hip, I was able to run! And I loved it! Thank you for all of your support and encouragement.

And they're off! (Wordless Wednesday)

One in seventh, one in fifth, one in fourth, two in second (in separate classes this year!), and one seriously jealous almost-five-year-old (not pictured).


My marathon is on Saturday. As in, just four days away! I'm nervous and excited, sure, but mostly worried. My last three long runs have not gone well, and there is something wrong with my knee. On August 13th, I ran the Provo River Trail Half, and at mile three, the knee started to throb again. It felt like a repeat of the Utah Valley Half, as I had to adjust my goals and work on just doing the best I could to manage the throbbing (only this time the pain was in my right knee instead of the left!). I pushed through the pain and finished only five minutes behind my time in June.

(excuse the fuzzy phone picture -- but don't I look great for 14 weeks along?)

I was hoping the knee would heal and I'd be fine for the Hobble Creek Half last week (since I'm tapering for the marathon, I only ran 8 miles of it, then walked the last 5), but right on schedule, at mile three, despite the knee brace I was wearing, I had the same pain. This is not good!

On the bright side, afte…

The Decision -- Free Download (Friday Favorites)

It's finished! You may have remembered last fall, I encouraged a $1 donation towards a friend's media project animating a story that teaches children what to do if they come across "adult" material.

Well, the project has been completed and is very well done -- it would make a great teaching tool for your family, AND right now, there is a free download coupon for the first 100 people to download it. Hurry and get your free copy now (coupon code is DECISION-FREE-100 ), and pass the word along.

If you miss the free copy, don't worry. The price to download the video is only $1. I think most budgets can handle that.

Download the video today!

Q&A Thursday: Baby Questions

Was this a surprise?

Honestly, I really, really felt we'd have a little more time between Katie and her next sibling. Otherwise, I wouldn't have signed up for another half marathon in August and a full marathon October 1st. I thought I'd have plenty of time to finish out my weight loss and fitness goals and figured sometime next summer our next one would be born.

But at the same time, it wasn't a total surprise. At the start of my goals earlier this year, I had prayed sincerely about whether now might be a good time to take a break from child-bearing for a short time and felt the distinct "no" answer. So we weren't doing anything to prevent a baby from coming, and it wasn't a shock when I found those double lines on that pregnancy test.

Were you disappointed at all?

Actually, I was, for a few hours. I had worked so hard at getting my fitness in order and was having so much success. I'd run a half marathon and was shooting for a full. It was s…

An exchange on Facebook

My friend Laura asked me some great questions on Facebook yesterday about how I'm managing my life right now. Here's the conversation:

Laura: How in the heck can you be training for a marathon? When you're 12 weeks?? When you've had 8 kids already??? Seriously, I'm amazed! Aren't you exhausted? Sick? Drowning in laundry? Falling apart physically? So I need you to post me your daily schedule. Cuz there's no way I could keep up with you and all the housework/cooking/shopping you have to do, let alone the time it must take to run 21 miles in a day!

Me: Laura, really, it's not THAT impressive. Yes, I'm exhausted and sick, but keeping up with the running has been really good therapy for handling it, and I haven't been as flattened by this pregnancy as I have been by some of my others. And training for a marathon involves four running days a week -- three days of 40-60 minutes and then one "long" day [I should point out that this is a begi…

My next long run . . .

has been in progress all summer long:

I even designed a race shirt around it (though the price to order the shirt was so expensive, I think I'll be pulling out the Sharpies instead):

We're excited.

And yes, I am still hoping to successfully complete THIS long run as well:

I WAS excited about that one too, at least until my 21-miler on Friday. Now, I'm wondering whose brilliant idea it was to make marathons 26.2 miles? And whose brilliant idea was it to sign up for one?

Daddy Trip Highlights (Wordless Wednesday)

Daddy Trip this year included Joey, Michael, Allison, Sarah, Eliza, and their dad, of course. Ten days of adventure including plenty of camping, bug-hunting, cave-exploring, and scenery-enjoying. They traveled through Reno, Nevada, into California where they saw Lassen Volcanic National Park, Lava Beds National Monument, and Mount Shasta. The trip then took them through Oregon to Crater Lake, Eugene, then over to the coast for Sea Lion Cave and beach-combing. Final loop went down through northern California again, the Redwoods, and Sacramento.