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One a Day, Week Twenty-One


Drawing on the Powers of Heaven in our Homes ~ talk given May 2015

On Sunday, my husband and I spoke in our ward's sacrament meeting.  In our Church, we have no paid clergy and regular members take turns speaking on gospel topics each week as part of our first meeting.  It's been a few years since I've had the chance to talk, but I was grateful to share my thoughts.  
I had my talk outlined, I tried to write out the words I said as I remember them.  

Drawing on the Powers of Heaven in Our Homes Sixteen years ago, I became a mother for the first time.  I was convinced that I was well-prepared and certainly ready to be the best mom that ever walked the face of the earth.  Armed with a degree in Family Science, with a head full of scientific studies and child development theories, I just knew that if I did everything right, my kids would wind up smart, talented, perfectly behaved, spiritual giants who never quarreled, threw temper tantrums, or tested me.
My plan went well at first.  I loved being a mother and I had a perfect baby who smiled all…

Worth a Look (Friday Favorites)


One a Day, Weeks Eighteen, Nineteen, and Twenty


Gearing up for a Whirlwind Summer

I'm excited to report that I now have less than two months to go before our baby is born.  I'm getting big enough that everywhere I go, people ask me how I'm feeling (which is probably code for "You're huge!  How are you even standing up at this point?").

I go back and forth.  Half the time, I'm feeling pretty good and fairly patient, and I love looking at all I have scheduled to keep me busy between now and July 16th.  The other half of the time, my upper back is killing me and two months seems an awful long time to wait for relief.  But the last week or two, my back has only hurt in the evening once or twice and I've felt great.  I'm hoping that will continue.

I find the best thing for me the last few months of pregnancy is to have a lot scheduled.  Nothing is worse than clearing your calendar in case (or in hopes) the baby will be born early, and then sitting around miserable.  It's going to be miserable anyway, I figure, so I might as wel…

Worth a Look (Friday Favorites)

Payson Temple:
We loved our visit to the Payson Utah temple Open House last week (sans Lillian, who was at a leadership conference that day) with Grandma and Grandpa Bartholomew.  If you're local, be sure and get your tickets soon -- they are doing the open house until May 23.  

To learn more about why members of my faith build and worship in temples, you can visit here.
Funny: 8 Ways Pinterest Changed Parenting Forever

Yummy: I want to try these recipes.
Sour Cream Muffins
Homemade Churros
Beautiful: This is stunning: Reflections from Uyuni from Enrique Pacheco on Vimeo.

On Current Events/Culture: How to Spot Income Inequality from Space (count the trees)

On the Current Concerns of Social Conservatives "It’s the single best argument I’ve read, not because it’s new or innovative, but because it’s the most concise expression of all the key points that so many of the same-sex marriage opponents have been focusing on. It begins: If marriage is a real thing, then before we can decid…

May, the Busiest Month

It's May, which means that virtually every night consists of one event or another -- track meets or practices, orchestra concerts, and various other events.  Add in getting our yard looking decent for spring (which hasn't completely happened yet -- just ask our neighbors), planting our garden (it's shady, so we stick mostly to tomatoes), three birthdays, an anniversary, and the brilliant idea I had to celebrate all of our summer birthdays last Saturday, and I've been a bit squeezed for time.  My Tuesday blogging time has disappeared, it seems.

So, here's a quick run-down on some happy events in our family.


In the midst of all of this, one of my favorite people is getting married and I get the privilege of doing the photos.  We met on Tuesday night for pictures, since the forecast claimed it would be one of the few clear days in what has been a rainy few weeks.  It wasn't.  It was stormy, with gusts of wind and a bit of rain.  But we adjusted and got so…