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Wordless Wednesday

Harmony's One Year Photo Shoot


This morning, after our scripture study, Sarah said the prayer. She was half-awake, her hair a tangled mass, and still in her pajamas, as she slowly and deliberately began the prayer. Most of it was typical thank-you-for-our-family things, but towards the end she said, "and thank you we have water. Thank you we have water that comes in our sinks."

I don't know where she picked up on the miracle that is fresh, clean water, and I'm sure I've never told her that we take it for granted, but I was grateful for words and for the reminder that I live in a wonderful time, where water is magically delivered to our faucets.

The clothing shuffle

(written in May 2009)
A few weeks ago, DH & I were at Payless Shoes during their BOGO sale. When we found a nice pair of all-brown gender-neutral shoes for less than six dollars, we began searching the shelves for the same shoe in other sizes (our school requires all brown or all black shoes). We were stacking the boxes five or six high when a sales lady came and gave us a funny look.

"We have seven kids," we said.

The light when on, and she began helping us look. Size 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, how about 13 1/2?

We left the store with over ten pairs of shoes, two or three of which will be used now. The rest will be saved for next year, or the next, or the next. With seven kids, at some point, the shoes are bound to fit SOMEONE.

Here's where the shoes go, for now, lined up in order of size:

I've also got several boxes, not shown, of used-but-still-okay shoes, mostly sorted by size.

I like to buy early and buy on sale. I'm always looking for a clothing deal and I b…

Q&A: Teaching Children (Including Boys!) to Love and Respect Each Other

From Amy:
I have six boys and often times seem to live in such a different world than you. I am such an oddity where I live, people actually know me as the mother of the six boys. It is in Mass. which gives a bit of a clue. Anyway, I wonder how you get your children to appreciate each other? I live in a community where material things and activities are so overvalued, however I find myself feeling so overwhelmed just to help my boys to fit in. I have no daughters in our family so I often feel like it is harder to help them to respect and cherish each other. Well, Amy, the reason you think we live in a different world is that very likely we do! =) I'm not a native of Utah -- I always claim Idaho as my real home -- but families are valued here and even though I'm a bit of an anomaly because of how many and how close in age my kids are, people are generally positive about my family. I recognize that I am blessed to live in such an environment. Even though I still get lo…

Wordless Wednesday


I haven't blogged for a while

and I'm likely not to get caught up anytime soon. Tomorrow is the first day of school! For the first time in my life, I'll have more kids in school than at home. Allison and Sarah are thrilled to be going to morning kindergarten. Today, we walked over to the school to "practice" the crossing of the streets. The girls did great. They met their teacher and Allison started dancing when Mrs. Y told her that they will have a hamster in the class. "I'm SO lucky! A real hamster!" she gushed.

"Do they get this excited at Christmas?" Mrs. Y asked.
"They get this excited every day," I told her. Enthusiasm is never a problem at our house. I just hope she's ready for their exuberance.

But back to blogging. I really do have a good excuse why I haven't been blogging (Besides the fact that I'm really not ready for school to start tomorrow.)

The truth is, I've been really busy doing exceedingly important things far from home…

Q&A: Chores Again

I got a few follow up questions about chores.

From Kim:
Did you make the tickets?Yes, I did; I made them in Photoshop with some basic frames and money backgrounds and then printed them on photo paper. I also made tickets that are worth 5 and 10 tickets since we quickly used up all our single tickets. I think anything would work, though; I've even heard of people using monopoly money for this type of chore system.

From Crystal:
How early did you start having your kids help?I don't have formal chores with my kids until around age 4 or 5, depending on the child and what else is going on. We have family work day every Saturday where we clean the whole house, and the younger kids help a little here and there as they are able. This Saturday time, when both DH and I are working with the kids, usually on cleaning the house as well as some bigger projects or maintenance, is our time to model and teach how to do the work.

Like most moms, I also encourage any and all "helping"…

So, um,

Anyone know how to get a huge amount of blue sidewalk chalk out of brown carpet?

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Q&A: Chores

From Lana:
I would like to know your kids chore list.=)
I think it's important for kids to learn how to work and be responsible. I also think it's sometimes a major pain do it! We've used lots of different systems through the years. For several years we've used a ticket system where they earn tickets for each chore they complete and then use them to buy prizes once a week. They also have to give me a ticket for every thirty minutes of time on the computer. They get tickets taken away for bad behavior.

Back in February, I wrote this in my weekly email about our chores:

Want to know a secret? It doesn’t really matter what system you use to get your kids to do their chores. What matters is that you change it every once in a while. We’ve had good results with the system I worked out at the beginning of the school year, where we wrote down the chores for each day and then let the three older kids choose which ones they wanted to do. We even broke down the dishes into f…