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Worth a Look ~ Mechanical Rabbits, Crazy things that happen in prison, hope, and must-save instructions on how to make ice

Inspiring On Motherhood and Mechanical Rabbits  ""Self-actualization pales in comparison to being a safe place, a source of comfort and strength, someone to whom the beloved children of the Lord can turn. Whether we women are called to give birth or not, we can become that haven—the listening ear, the purse full of tissues, the warm arms and soft shoulder of comfort. . . the essence of the Gospel is sacrifice. Motherhood is nothing more than a single, feminine word that attempts to encapsulate the essence of submission to another's needs above our own, sacrifice of what we as individuals need for the needs of others, and true discipleship. Motherhood is caretaking, being the person who cares. I have determined to use my experience of being unloved to make sure that, if I can help it, no one else need ever feel that way. That is Motherhood."

Why Did You Choose Me?  A lot to think about in this story of prison, second chances, and a prosecutor meeting with the prisone…

Sunday Will Come ~ Free Download!

On December 17th, 2010, the Provo Tabernacle, which had served as a gathering place for over 115 years, was destroyed in a fire.  As a Provo resident for all of my adult life, I was saddened by its loss.  I attended stake conference in that building.  My husband graduated there.  He and I sung in a choir that performed in that building, and we attended several community functions there, including our first date after our engagement in 1997.  And now the building was empty, its stained glass shattered and its remaining walls covered with soot.
Then, in October of 2011, my family took a collective gasp along with so many others when it was announced that the Provo Tabernacle would become a temple.  It was an unbelievable gift and a day of rejoicing.
As the long and laborious process of temple-building began, many people began to see the fire as symbolic of the Lord at work in our lives.  As Linda Reeves stated in 2013, “Almost three years ago a devastating fire gutted the interior of the …