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Merry Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas, celebrating the birth of the Savior, eating yummy food and enjoying presents.
Harmony drew this picture of the nativity and I hung it above our collection of nativities (we get a new one every year).  Something about her drawing makes me especially happy.  Allison and Sarah drew nativity pictures and I hung them up as well.
Allison pointed out that her picture had shepherds looking at the angel but then because they weren't looking at the sheep, a wolf was coming to get the sheep (he's that blob with the pointy ears in the top left corner).  Great message there -- start paying attention to spiritual things and there goes your livelihood.  She was pleased with her creativity, though, so I didn't say anything.

It's been a lovely week having my family at home.  With nowhere we had to go, the freezing temperatures and the snow piling up (we got 10 inches!) didn't feel too oppressive. 

We visited lights at Temple Square this year, enjoyed a…

Scenes from the last few months (Wordless Wednesday)


From our fall trip to California:

(my friend Carrie took this one, only the second picture we have of the whole family together:)

Cute Baby Cami is growing up, walking (started at 8 months!), and being adored to pieces: