Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Girls' Hair (Wordless Wednesday)

Back when we had one girl and two boys, my husband and I made a deal: he'd get the boys in our family ready for Church, while I'd help the girls.

Seemed like a pretty good deal at the time.

Well, since that deal was made, we've had six more girls join our family.

Which means that there's quite an assembly line of hair to do come Sunday morning.

On Sunday, I did Sarah's hair first. All the other girls liked it so much they wanted to match.


Maryanne said...

Wow! I often comment to Jared that it's good we only have one girl, because not only am I not adept at doing hair, but she protests quite a lot just having to brush her hair every day.
They all look lovely!

Claire said...

I am so bad with poor girls! Of course it doesn't help that my three daughters all have thick curly hair. I've been trying for years to pull of a french braid, and I can't even do that. Pretty much they get to choose from a ponytail, pigtails, a braid, or a half pony. My Beth is such a girly-girl that I really think she will take over this production by the time she is ten or twelve.


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