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Summer Musings #2

Don't faint, y'all, but I'm posting two weeks in a row.  It's been a good week for us.

* Benji turned two on Sunday.  He doesn't really talk yet.  Most of my kids have been late talkers, saying few words until right around age two, then going from a 5 word vocabulary to full sentences in just a few months, so I'm giving him a few more months to keep up his jabbering, gesturing, and pointing before I start to worry. He has no problem communicating with us and getting what he wants.  It is truly a beautiful thing to watch how much every one of his siblings dote on him. I can't remember where, but I once read a mom of a large family lament that she finds it so sad that just when teenagers need the unconditional love so easily provided by younger siblings the most is when parents quit having children.  I would add that not only do the younger siblings provide that love, they also bring out the best, most unselfish aspects of teenagers at a time when teens are …

Summer Musings

I think if I am to begin blogging regularly again, I simply need to start writing and not wait until I have something big to share.  So here are some small mid-summer musings.

*  In our Church, we have no paid clergy, so we all take turns taking on different assignments.  This means that one year, you might be in charge of teaching a class of 3-year-old and another, of leading the music or organizing activities for 8-11 year old girls, or planning girls' camp.  It's a good way to serve and often, you are asked to do assignments that challenge you and teach you new skills.

For almost a year, I've been teaching Gospel Doctrine, a Sunday School class for adults, switching off with two other teachers.  I love it.  But last November, I was asked to substitute for the piano player in Relief Society (the organization for women in our Church) and as I sat down to play, I was reminded that the last time I'd played was on that same piano four or five months before when I'd b…

One a Day: March 2017