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Ultrasound confirmed this morning that we have 10 fingers, 10 toes, two arms, two legs, a four-chambered heart, healthy lips, healthy brain, and NO . . . well, you get the point. She's definitely a girl! We're thrilled and excited, and look forward to our fifth girl and seventh child. The boys are definitely outnumbered around here. But Eliza gets her special sister close in age!

Logistics (a.k.a. There's no such thing as a quick trip)

I was talking with my neighbor today. She had her third child a few weeks ago and was brave enough to run errands for the first time this week. It's a bit intimidating to figure out how to do that with a new little life along. Her husband asked her, "Well, how does Christina do it?"

So, here's the lowdown: Mostly, I don't do it. I put off errands as much as possible. I make lists of all the things I have to buy and then wait and wait until I really can't wait anymore to buy those diapers or onions or bananas. Then I just do it.

My other secret? DH does most of the shopping. He LIKES to, and he's pretty good at it, too. His mind is like a steel trap when it comes to prices and good deals. He remembers exactly what he paid for things even years ago. He knows when to buy pineapple because it's the best price it's going to be, and when to stock up on cans of green chiles and when something is not a good price. Me? I see something on sale…

A Few Videos

In Which Michael Describes his Horrible Fate at Disneyland:

At California Adventure this week, DH took the kids on the Grizzly River Rapids. At one point on the ride, there is a geyser that soaks the whole boat. The geyser goes off randomly most of the time, except when enterprising young souls pay a quarter to time it just right. When DH and the kids got to that point, Lillian and Joey called out to the boys on the pier to turn on the geyser. They did, soaking everyone thoroughly. Everyone thought it was great fun, except Michael, who went into a tirade afterwards. He calmed down a bit later as they enjoyed lots of other rides, and even returned to watch and laugh at other boats getting soaked!

In Which Allison & Sarah try to Change the Subject:

I tried to get Allison & Sarah to admit their fear of the bathtub, but Allison would have none of it, changing the subject. (for background, see this post)

In Which Eliza is Cute

Nothing special here, except that my mom in Switzerla…

Here's something you don't see everyday

DH took the three older kids to Southern California this weekend while I stayed home with the three little ones and enjoyed the quieter house. On their trip, they visited Disneyland, the beach, the Santa Ana Science Center, and the La Brea Tar Pits. Evidently the latter was quite an exciting place to be, with lots of mammoth, saber-tooth cat, and ice age skeletons, as well as thick, sticky tar on the ground. I'd always pictured the place as one big pit, but nope, there are a number of pits of all sizes, including ones that pop up at random in the grass.

A Picture is Worth How Much?

Taking a Bath in the Sink

Here's Sarah having a great time "bathing" in our sink!

Good Habits Start Young

This afternoon, Sarah wanted to play a coloring game on the computer. I told her she needed to clean up all the papers on the floor in the office first. She did, and started playing. I was quite impressed with her initiative and the cleanliness of the office floor. It wasn’t until I opened the closet to put something away that I discovered just where all those books and papers had gone – yep, on the floor in the closet! Great job, Sarah! I didn’t even know you knew that trick! =)

Footnote to my "Allison -- Where Are You?" Post

Just had to say that this past week it's been Allison waking in the night and calling out, "Sarah!"

One night late last week (the same night Grandma died, incidentally), neither girl could sleep for some reason. I finally put on a movie for Allison, who woke up first. Sarah joined her a bit later, and instead of making her own spot, Allison scooted over and made room on the couch. I moved the cushions off the couch behind them so they'd have a bit more room. (see photo above)

Allison really tries to take care of everyone and protect them. We were playing outside and Eliza took a few steps into the street (we live on a quiet culdesac). I called to Eliza to come back and she had started back when out of nowhere Allison ran up and grabbed her by the coat, dragging her back to the grass. Allison was so mad when I reprimanded her for her rough treatment of her little sister. "But she was going in the street!" she said, "She could get hurt!" It …

A Tribute to Izola Bartholomew

My husband's grandmother died Tuesday morning. We went as a family to see her on Sunday right after Church. We expected to have the kids sing her songs, assure her of our love, and then go home as usual. Instead, we walked in and found her lying on her bed with an oxygen mask on, struggling for breath. My immediate thought was, "She's dying." The kids were very sad to see her that way. She wasn't coherent, but we told her how much we loved her, talked to the nurse about how she was doing (not good, she hadn't eaten all day), and very sadly left the nursing home. My husband's father, her only child, spent much of Sunday and Monday with her, and her niece and almost-daughter spent more time with her Monday night. Tuesday morning, around 3 a.m., she left this life for a better one. I'm so glad she didn't linger longer.

Izola was a strong woman who was blessed with a long and relatively healthy life. She turned 95 last year, and up until 14 m…

A Blessing . . .

Wow -- three posts in one day! Don't get too excited. I joined a Photoshop extras site for one day only -- until midnight tonight I can download as many goodies as my internet speed and my clicking finger will allow. Inevitably, there's been a lot of waiting, and waiting for one file to download so I can click on the next. So I've been blogging. =)

But back to my point: This afternoon, I felt my baby move for the first time. She must have been doing backflips. I sat and savored the experience, which was over all too soon, and felt so blessed that tears came to my eyes. I'm so thankful to be the mother of this new life.

ALLISON -- WHERE - ARE - YOU? (and other twin issues)

When I found out we were having twins nearly 4 years ago, I couldn't have been more thrilled. Part of the excitement was the unknown. I wondered what it would be like to have two little girls running around with identical faces. I wondered what kind of friendship they would form, how they would relate to other kids, whether they would gang up on me, whether they would fight, and a hundred other things. After reading lots of books about twins, I mostly just hoped the pregnancy would go well -- all those chapters about bedrest and NICU babies and what to do if one baby died scared me to death. Once I got far enough along that the babies could be born safely, I turned my thoughts again to what having twins would be like.

Well, at 3 and a half, "the twins" (Did you know it's a crime to call them that? They are individuals and should always be referred to by their names. I figure, if that's true, then I'm also ruining the self-esteem of "the boys" a…

Family Work Day

Yesterday, I mopped my kitchen floor. It badly needed it -- with so many kids and a rather large kitchen, the floor can suffer. It's a laminate floor, so fairly easy to clean, but I also tend to put off that chore. In any case, once the floor was mopped (only took 20 minutes!), I realized what a boost it was to have it done.

But that, along with a conversation with a friend this morning, reminded me that house-cleaning can be a huge undertaking in a large family. I thought I'd write a bit this morning about how we handle chores and cleaning.

Every Saturday is Family Work Day. It's gotten so ingrained that our kids don't ask, "Is it Saturday?" but rather, "Is it Family Work Day?" We've been doing it so long that no one complains about it, though sometimes they fuss about specific chores.

We began this tradition in January of 2005, when our kids were 5, 4, 2, 6 months and 6 months. It was becoming quite overwhelming to me to keep up with all…