Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Footnote to my "Allison -- Where Are You?" Post

Just had to say that this past week it's been Allison waking in the night and calling out, "Sarah!"

One night late last week (the same night Grandma died, incidentally), neither girl could sleep for some reason. I finally put on a movie for Allison, who woke up first. Sarah joined her a bit later, and instead of making her own spot, Allison scooted over and made room on the couch. I moved the cushions off the couch behind them so they'd have a bit more room. (see photo above)

Allison really tries to take care of everyone and protect them. We were playing outside and Eliza took a few steps into the street (we live on a quiet culdesac). I called to Eliza to come back and she had started back when out of nowhere Allison ran up and grabbed her by the coat, dragging her back to the grass. Allison was so mad when I reprimanded her for her rough treatment of her little sister. "But she was going in the street!" she said, "She could get hurt!" It was sweet, if a bit overzealous.

She's also watching out for Sarah, particularly saving her from the evils of taking a bath. Yep, all of a sudden baths are the enemy around here. We watched Ghostbusters 2 a few months ago with the kids. Mind you, I had the remote control in my hands and fast-forwarded anything that might be remotely too scary for the little ones. Well, at one point, slime comes out of the bathtub faucet. We fast-forwarded the next part, where it turns into an evil creature, but evidently the slime coming out of the faucet was scary enough that the twins now refuse to take baths. The funny thing is that we watched the movie 2 or 3 months ago, and up utnil two weeks ago, they played away happily in the tub. Now, they adamantly refuse to go near it, particularly Allison. If I remind her that her hair needs to be washed and she needs to get clean, she'll run into the bathroom and put water on her head so she can "wash" it herself. The other day, DH had Sarah convinced and excited to take bath and she was walking towards the bathroom when Allison swooped in out of nowhere, screaming, "NO! NO! You can't take a bath! Or there will be slime!" She grabbed Sarah and tried to pull her away from DH. Sarah, sufficiently warned, did not get into the tub.

Lest you think I've given up on cleanliness, however, I would like to point out that I was able to get them into the shower long enough to get clean last week, and this week, when they refused the shower, I cleaned out our sink and washed them in there. They were quite sweet about it, and even seemed to like it.

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3in3mom said...

Such fun. . . I see my three in your three "youngest" Allison in Ethan (very protective) Sarah in Hannah and Eliza in Jacob . . .



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