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One a Day, Week Four


Broken Bones and Broken Streaks

We've had a pretty eventful week.  
Lillian was concert master with the Utah Valley Symphony last night and the concert was amazing.  The conductor of the Philharmonia group (the more advanced group) was the most flamboyant conductor I'd ever watched.  He jumped up and down, moved through space like a dancer, and energized the entire concert.  He must work out a lot to be able to keep up that energy as long as he did.  
Michael went on his first Klondike campout in the cold and came home excited and happy. He's not a huge camping or outdoors guy, so the fact that he enjoyed camping in below-freezing temperatures? Huge.
Oh, and then there was this . . .

Yeah, so not fun.  Allison and her roller blades had a little argument with the sidewalk on Saturday. From the above, you can probably tell the sidewalk won.

After sixteen years of parenting and nine kids, would you believe this is our first broken bone?

She was in a lot of pain and pretty distressed.  Sarah was with her an…

One a Day, Week Three


Split Vacations

I showed up on Sunday with just three kids -- Katie, Cami, and Joey.  A couple of new friends of ours, knowing that our daughter had talked about a California trip, seemed concerned, "Wait, how come you didn't go on the trip?"

Friends that have known us for a long time hardly noticed.  Splitting up the family for shorter trips is kind of how we roll around here.  We've been doing Daddy Trips for almost a decade, and it's one of my favorite traditions.  For a few days to a week, my husband takes most of the older kids on an adventure, while I get time at home to enjoy a quieter pace of life.  I usually catch up on projects, both the fun kind and the onerous.

We usually do one big Daddy trip each summer, and it's a doozy of a trip.  DH will carefully map out a route through several states, with stops for tent-trailer camping and attraction-visiting along the way.  Last summer, they hopped their way up the California coastline (I don't think I ever blogged t…

Sledding (Wordless Wednesday)

We got our first big snowstorm of the season 2 a.m. Christmas Morning.  The day after Christmas, we took advantage of the snow to enjoy some sledding.