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My friend Carol says I should update my blog. I have neglected this thing for a long time, haven't I? Life has been unusually busy. Starting in January, I began taking care of my husband's grandmother. I would go each evening to her assisted living facility and talk with her and then help her get ready for bed. I really enjoyed the service and it continued until June 30th, when she fell and broke her hip just a few days before her only son was to return home from a three-year mission in Armenia. She's now in a rehabilitation facility and DH's dad is in charge of her care again. I still visit regularly, but not on a daily basis.

In April, DH & I took our second child, Joseph (6) and Eliza, who was 6 months at the time, on a trip around the world to visit DH's parents in Armenia. It was a fabulous trip, though hard for me to leave the other four kids at home. My brother & his wife stayed with them.

I've not had as much time for designing, but I fit…