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One a Day, Week Seventeen

We've had a busy week -- my husband and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary and our oldest daughter is now 16!  I've been missing running a ton, so I decided to just go out and do a run/walk last Saturday.  I was able to run about 2/3rds of a 4 mile run, and it felt great.  So I got out yesterday morning with Marci again, who is willing to go at my glacial pace and take walk breaks with me. Three miles.  It felt awesome.  I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow.
I also missed my first one-a-day last week.  Somehow, I just spaced taking a photo on Tuesday.  I've been pretty lazy about it in general, just grabbing an easy shot here and there rather than trying for something amazing, so I wasn't surprised.  Here's to a 364-day project this year!

Kids in the Kitchen (a.k.a. teaching myself out of a job)

A few months back, I wrote about how I learned to enjoy cooking, a task I used to hate.  One of the problems with my enjoying the job more, however, is that I was less motivated about teaching my children to cook independently.  For several years, my older kids have had a dinner night assigned to them, where they were supposed to help me make dinner and then do the final clean-up after everyone does their five minutes.  In theory, it was supposed to be an opportunity to teach them to cook.  In practice, over time, I got lazy about planning ahead and inviting them to help and ended up mostly putting the meals together myself.

With a baby on the way, I decided it was time to be more purposeful about teaching my kids to cook. Lillian's always loved cooking (we even gave her subscriptions to Cook's Illustrated and Food Network magazines for her birthday last year) and is great at it, so she doesn't need any instruction. Joey knew a few recipes and makes a great chicken curry,…

Some of our Favorite Family Recipes

I've been writing a post about how I'm teaching my oldest five kids to cook.  As I tried to link to the recipes we've chosen to use,  I realized that many of our family favorite recipes are simply ones we've used for many, many years and are not necessarily easy to find on the internet.  Some are from my mother-in-law, an amazing cook, some from my mom, and some are just some we've had shared with us over the years.

In my post, I link to the recipes from various cooking blogs.  Here are the ones from our family recipe book:

Oatmeal Pancakes 2 ½ c. milk 2 c. rolled oats 4 eggs 2 T. vegetable oil 1 c. whole wheat flour 6 T. sugar 2 t. baking powder ½ t. salt ½ t. cinnamon
Combine milk and oats in large mixing bowl.  Allow oats to soak for at least five minutes.  Beat the eggs, then add eggs and oil to the oats.  Mix well.  Stir in the other ingredients.  Makes 20 or so 4-inch pancakes

Porcupine Balls 3 cans tomato soup 1 ½ cans water Simmer the soup and water.  Meanw…

Worth a Look (Friday Favorites)

How to Fall Asleep in Less than One Minute
Think it really works?

Birth Control:  Men Get Free Sex, Women Get Cancer  I think the case may be overstated here, but some interesting points here.

Benefits of Attending Church on Sunday (whether or not you are a believer)  Some really good points here!

Two Ingredient Super Stretchy Playdough  Sounds interesting.

Food:Avalanche Bars  I'm a peanut butter lover and these look really yummy!

Photography:Shoot for the LightI love the advice here to improve your shots!

Got an Android Watch?  This app looks super cool.  Awesome for portrait and landscape photographers who want to predict where the sun will be and when.  Plus I know the developer and he's super cool too.

One a Day, Week Sixteen


Three Months to Go

With a likely induction date of July 16th, I've got less than three months until baby Benjamin joins our family.  With the gift of a ton of hand-me-downs from a ward member, I have more than enough clothes to get this guy through most of his first year (just a few items I'll need in the 6-9 month and 12 month range).  And they're fun and cute clothes, too.  It's been 13 years since I've had a boy, so it's going to be a change.  I started giving away the boy clothes once Michael was four or five -- I figured even if we had more boys, storing the clothes for five years or more just wasn't worth it.  I also gave away his Buzz Lightyear toys and many of our action figures.  We've had so many years of dolls and ponies, it will be an interesting transition back to swords and superheroes.  But we do have a good amount of Legos, Magnetic building toys, and Little People, so we should be good.

I'm feeling huge lately and I'm wishing in some ways that my …

One a Day, Week Fourteen and Fifteen


Moab Mommy Trip

Last week was our spring break.  My husband wasn't able to get away from work for any trips, so I decided to take seven of the kids (all that can fit in my van and truthfully, all that wanted to go) and head out for a few days' adventure. My oldest two stayed home, one to catch up on school work and the other to fix all our bikes, do a bit of yardwork, and spend most of several days out fishing.  I bet you can guess which kid did which thing.

Meanwhile, I brought Michael and six little girls down to Moab.  We hung out at Arches and Canyonlands, earned Junior Ranger badges, and doing a good bit of hiking.  Wednesday, the only full day we were there, we were pummeled by 45-mile-an-hour winds that freaked out Katie and Cami and confined us more towards looking at overlooks and doing scenic drives while trying to avoid tumbleweeds rather than long hikes.  We did do a 2-mile windy hike to Landscape Arch that day, however, where Sarah cemented herself in Cami's mind as the best…