Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Three Months to Go

With a likely induction date of July 16th, I've got less than three months until baby Benjamin joins our family.  With the gift of a ton of hand-me-downs from a ward member, I have more than enough clothes to get this guy through most of his first year (just a few items I'll need in the 6-9 month and 12 month range).  And they're fun and cute clothes, too.  It's been 13 years since I've had a boy, so it's going to be a change.  I started giving away the boy clothes once Michael was four or five -- I figured even if we had more boys, storing the clothes for five years or more just wasn't worth it.  I also gave away his Buzz Lightyear toys and many of our action figures.  We've had so many years of dolls and ponies, it will be an interesting transition back to swords and superheroes.  But we do have a good amount of Legos, Magnetic building toys, and Little People, so we should be good.

I'm feeling huge lately and I'm wishing in some ways that my twin pregnancy hadn't been ten years ago -- I remember thinking all through Eliza's pregnancy how much easier it was.  The normal swelling and awkwardness of pregnancy just didn't get to me because after carrying around 11.5 pounds of two babies, a normal-size 7 pounder was nothing.  But though I can remember the desperation of the third trimester of my twin pregnancy, it's not fresh enough in my mind to keep me from feeling huge and awkward now, with 12 weeks still to grow.

26 weeks

I had to give up running a few weeks ago, at a little past 24 weeks.  My legs just felt dead when I was running, as if I wasn't getting enough circulation, and I was getting sooooo slow.  I've started to have contractions every day, whether exercising or not, and that wasn't helping, nor was the constantly reoccurring side stitches that seem to happen every time I move for more than five minutes, running or walking.  It was just time.

But I'm feeling a little stir crazy since I stopped running.  I miss talking to Marci.  I miss the psychological boost of doing something hard long enough that it's just part of my routine.  There's just something about coming home from a four to six mile run and feeling strong and healthy.  Walking seems so wimpy in comparison, and I've yet to get into a routine with my elliptical that feels as challenging.  (OK, I haven't gotten into a routine with my elliptical at all -- I've only done it about three times since I stopped running.  Maybe doing it more would help . . .)

But the most frustrating thing I'm dealing with right now are backaches, either in my lower back or right beneath my shoulder blades.  The latter got so bad last week that I was near tears on Saturday and trying to remind myself that this is all worth it.  My husband helped adjust my back and that has helped take off the worst of the pain, but it seems to come back.  I asked the hive mind (aka Facebook) and got some good recommendations -- chiropracters, yoga (already doing that one), Tiger balm or Deep Blue, and massage.  I hope it helps!  I don't remember feeling this much back pain in my previous pregnancies.  I'm thinking it might be because I'm carrying so high -- most of my belly bulk is right below my ribs, so I probably unconsciously pull my shoulders back.

But enough of me and my complaining.  I really do feel blessed that it's only been in the last few weeks that this pregnancy has been hard -- I'm so grateful for the relief I felt from my usual first trimester awfulness and if I only have to endure discomfort for three instead of six months this pregnancy, it's a good trade.


Circe said...

Tha ks for the update! I don't even know how we became "friends," but I love admiring your life!

A Saunders said...

With my recent 10th pregnancy I found taking calcium with magnesium supplements helped stop the muscle pain and lessen contractions. Was also better than ibuprofen for after birth pains. Good luck and congratulations!!


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