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Three Stories (More than you wanted to know)

#1: Yesterday, we hosted a bridal shower at our house. One of the guests brought her baby girl. When Sarah saw her, she squealed, "Oh, you have such a cute baby!" Then she watched the baby for a few moments before stating, "But she's not as cute as OUR baby."
I didn't get a picture of the OTHER baby, but here's another picture of Harmony. Don't you think Sarah has a point?#2: Eliza loves all her animals and sleeps surrounded by at least twenty of them. She takes good care of them, too. Here she is feeding one a nutritious snack:
#3: I was nursing Harmony in the nursery the other day when Sarah walked in.
"Are you feeding Harmony?" she asked
"I wish I was a twin baby and could eat like that."
"Well, I did feed you like this when you were little, but you're a big girl now."
"Yes," she said sadly, "but I've forgotten what it tastes like!"

Pity Party Over

My kitchen is clean, I got two loads of laundry folded, and Wendy and I got a lot done on the yearbook. There's still a lot to do, but I'm not so overwhelmed.

So . . . want to hear about our trips? Last week, my husband took our five oldest children to California to visit Death Valley, Manzanar, and my DH's grandma. They had a great time

While DH was gone, I took the time to visit my parents in Boise. My dad is recovering from a devastating illness and while he's not quite himself yet, he's doing ten billion times better than a few months ago. Because of his illness, my parents lost a Thanksgiving and a Christmas with their family. Before that, they were away for 18 months serving a mission for our Church. So I thought this would be a small way to make it up to them and let them get to know Eliza and Harmony better. Eliza, who initially put on a shy act, lost all pretense when we visited the Boise zoo. She shrieked and laughed and cried out about all the &qu…

I'm tired

There's piles of stuff everywhere, left over from our trip last week.

The sink is overflowing with dirty dishes and the floor is covered with little bits of cereal and goldfish crackers.

There's mountains of laundry to fold.

I'm hosting two events this weekend, so I've got to get the floor mopped and the bathrooms cleaned.

Today's the day I'm supposed to finish and submit the last 30 pages of the yearbook.

I drove the twins to their preschool only to realize that it was canceled today.

I have our neighborhood preschool at my house tomorrow and Thursday. It's O week so I think I'll do something about the Ocean, but I haven't prepped for it yet.

There's a book on hold for me at the library that I have to pick up today or it goes back on the shelves.

I want to get out the kids' spring clothes and shorts this week.

I have to get over to the records office and get Lillian's birth certificate so she can fly to Chicago with her dad next week.

We're …

Because I don't want you to have withdrawals

Have you been enjoying my posts about my other kids -- you know the ones who aren't 7 months old? Good. I'm worried, though, that you might be wondering how much Harmony has changed in the few weeks since I've posted pictures of her. So you won't have withdrawals, I'll post some now. Don't worry, she's still just as adorable as ever. She's even (barely, cautiously) starting to cruise along the furniture. It's so fun to walk in after a nap and see her standing up in her crib.

OK, maybe two words . . .

Note: This is a follow-up to this post, which you may want to read first. Clear as mud?

In response to a few other questions about my faith, I posted the following on a forum I visit and thought it might be of interest here as well:

Yes, you are certainly right. The ceremony is for members of the Church who are prepared spiritually for it and it is not discussed outside the temple. I guess when we say, "Sacred," we do also mean private and special.

I liked this article's take on the controversy: As it points out, other religions also have sacred places that non-members are not allowed to go.

And as to Big Love being "sensitive" or "accurate" in its portrayal, it is making a mockery of our beliefs to exploit them for profit. No one in our faith would do such a thing, and we are offended that others are doing it. In the article above, it says: "HBO admits it hopes this season of "Big Love" will…

A Word about Respect -- and Temples

Last Friday, my family was able to go to the Draper Temple Open House. It was a beautiful experience to share the temple with my children and to see the lovely workmanship everywhere. Afterwards, we got a picture of the whole family in the visitor's center there (after eating cookies, so don't expect perfect faces!).

On a twins forum I participate in, the question was raised about the recent decision by an HBO show to portray LDS temple ceremonies. Specifically, the person wanted to understand why something like that would make members of the Church angry.

I posted this response, and I thought I'd post it here for those interested in learning more about our Church and temple worship:

I don't think we're angry about anything, speaking as a member of the Church. We are disappointed. For one thing, Big Love promised when they began the show that they would make it clear that Mormons do not practice polygamy and haven't for over a hundred years, but they have not k…

Every Family Has a Kid Who Won't Eat . . .

Michael is ours. If we let him, he'd survive on fruit snacks, apples, and pizza. His discriminating palette disdains about three-quarters of our regular menus, even such fare as meatballs, plain rice, tacos, soup, chicken casserole, and more. He'd rather go to bed early than lower his standards and try such vittles.

But I digress. Now that you know so much about Lillian and Joseph, you of course are dying to hear about Michael. He's an interesting child, imaginative and creative and cut from a different cloth than my other kids. He's entertaining and fun.

Almost 7

Hobbies & Interests:
Pirates, Pirates, Pirates, Books about Pirates, Pirates, Riding his Bike, Legos, Pirates

Most Likely to:
* Engage his friends in elaborate pretend games, usually about pirates
* Dress up daily for play
* Wear a belt so he can have a place to put his sword
* Visit the neighbors dressed in his pirate get-up
* Play with Allison and Sarah and lead them in fun make-believe games
* Enjoy recess a…

Simplifying Bed Sheets

Washing and dealing with bedding can take a lot of time. To simplify things around here, we do the following:

1. Except for my oldest daughter, age 9, we only use fitted sheets and mattress pads plus blankets on our children's beds. It simplifies daily bed-making considerably, as all that's needed is to either spread the blanket over the bed or fold it and place it at the foot of the bed. It also takes up a lot less room in the washer to wash a child-sized quilt or blanket rather than a bulky comforter.

2. We wrap our mattresses like a cocoon, with layer after layer of waterproof mattress pad and fitted sheets. I stocked up on washable waterproof mattress pads last time they were 60% off at Shopko (make sure you buy the washable kind; I've had some that fell apart in the dryer, even on low heat), and recently bought lots of nice fitted sheets for $1.99. On one son's bed right now, I have 5 layers!

This way, when it's time to wash the sheets, I only have to peel …