Friday, October 27, 2006

Katydid Video

Here's a sweet video of the kids after they found a katydid.

Testing Videos

Testing -- I've never uploaded a video before, but here's a try -- Lillian is describing how she wants to organize her closet

Three Days Left!

Three days (or less) to go before Eliza's born, so this will probably be my last update -- I just thought I'd post a few pictures of what our exterior looks like now that stucco is on. We were worried on Wednesday when they started to put the main color on – it was BRIGHT yellow, not the sandy color we chose in the sample. The stucco people swore it would fade to match as it dried, and by yesterday morning, the color was much better. I like how bright & cheerful the house looks now, though I wish the stucco matched the brick a bit better. It sure looked like an awesome match from the small sample -- go figure!

Speaking of colors, paint was finished on Tuesday morning, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I went with a beautiful beige with white trim throughout the house. In the living room, we had it painted a nice green that also went in the master bedroom and nursery. I couldn’t be happier with the green color – it turned out just right. The only other switch of color was a lavender in Lillian and the twins’ rooms. It was supposed to be a subtle, soft hue, but turned out bright purple! But it’s not horrible – Lillian loves it, and it will be fun to decorate around.

Lots of other things going on at the house -- it's fun to see progress every time I go by. Dirt got pushed around yesterday, and hopefully we'll have some of the driveway poured today or Monday. Halloween is coming up and we got out some of our costumes from storage -- you can see Allison & Sarah's reaction!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

And the winner is (or will be) . . .

Eliza by a few days. It looks like our house is going to be delayed longer, though we may be in as soon as the middle of next week. And on the baby front, Eliza will make her debut by induction on Monday if she doesn't come before.

Wish us luck!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just some photos from this weekend

We finally have a front door! DH picked it out -- didn't he do a great job?

We put wainscoating in the living room -- I can't wait to see it painted.

OK, I know this is silly, but I'm just so thrilled to see some closet organizers! Lillian has wonderful plans for how to use her shelves.

Lots of paint -- and you can see the brownish colored primer on the walls. The basement was primed on Friday.

Just a look at the front of the house -- the scaffolding is for the stucco workers, who hopefully will get it done fast.

Friday, October 13, 2006

An end in sight (hopefully!) . . .

We have a date! Well, sort of. Our builder has told us he will have everything done by the 25th (a Wednesday), and for sure by Friday the 27th! So, if all goes as planned (why am I slightly skeptical?), we should be moving in the weekend of the 28th. That just gives us two more weeks at the hotel.

Still up in the air is when Eliza will decide to be born. I'm due on November 1st, but I'm usually early and I'm already dilated & effaced quite a bit. My doctor will induce as soon as the 25th, but we are thinking we will cross our fingers and hope I can make it until Monday the 30th so I can help supervise the move that weekend.

Do you know how wonderful it will be to have a home again? The hotel isn't horrible, but we're feeling pretty cramped. Two weeks of rain didn't help much. Luckily, the last few days have been beautiful, and we've been to the park several times and also some museums and things, so life's looking better.

And things are happening at the house. The finish carpenters are almost done, and I've loved walking in and finding new things to love each time. We're going pretty basic on finish stuff -- just base molding everywhere, no crown. The only "fancy" thing is wainscoating (beadboard) in the living room. Still, it's awesome to see my closets go in and yesterday, my pantry was all done (I have SO much space there!). And just seeing the molding everywhere makes the house look like a home and not just a mess of drywall. DH has installed tons of his cabinets and hopes that he can finish the install job today or for sure tomorrow. They're just shells right now -- doors & drawers go in after countertops & paint -- but still, it's nice to walk in my kitchen and be able to imagine it finished. I helped with installing our kitchen island yesterday and I'm so excited about how large it is -- 4 feet wide by 8 feet long should give plenty of room for lots of cooks & plenty of interaction & counterspace. We've designed the home to accommodate a large family (with large gathering rooms and unfinished space to grow into), and it's so nice to see it coming together!

I need to get some better pictures taken and uploaded, but above are just a few from last week.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hotel Life . . .

We've been here at the hotel for 8 days now, and counting! It's small & cramped, but manageable -- it has a little kitchenette and free breakfast every morning.

We're still working on clearing out & cleaning up our old house (we closed last week, but new owners move in tomorrow) and we're almost done.

In the meantime, we're pushing to get our new house done in the next 3 weeks. Brick should be done today, then they'll start stucco. My hard floors are almost done, and the finish carpenters are inside putting up doors and closets. DH is finding it hard to find the time to install all the cabinets he's made because he's had to spend so much of this week moving, but hopefully, it will all come together with no more delays! It's exciting, but nerve-wracking, too. Baby #6 is coming -- I'm due on Nov. 1st, and I tend to be a little early. I just hope we won't have to bring her "home" to a small hotel room!


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