Friday, October 27, 2006

Three Days Left!

Three days (or less) to go before Eliza's born, so this will probably be my last update -- I just thought I'd post a few pictures of what our exterior looks like now that stucco is on. We were worried on Wednesday when they started to put the main color on – it was BRIGHT yellow, not the sandy color we chose in the sample. The stucco people swore it would fade to match as it dried, and by yesterday morning, the color was much better. I like how bright & cheerful the house looks now, though I wish the stucco matched the brick a bit better. It sure looked like an awesome match from the small sample -- go figure!

Speaking of colors, paint was finished on Tuesday morning, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I went with a beautiful beige with white trim throughout the house. In the living room, we had it painted a nice green that also went in the master bedroom and nursery. I couldn’t be happier with the green color – it turned out just right. The only other switch of color was a lavender in Lillian and the twins’ rooms. It was supposed to be a subtle, soft hue, but turned out bright purple! But it’s not horrible – Lillian loves it, and it will be fun to decorate around.

Lots of other things going on at the house -- it's fun to see progress every time I go by. Dirt got pushed around yesterday, and hopefully we'll have some of the driveway poured today or Monday. Halloween is coming up and we got out some of our costumes from storage -- you can see Allison & Sarah's reaction!

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