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7 Quick Takes

1.  Weight Loss Update.  The last time I did quicktakes, about five months ago, I wrote about signing up for another Dietbet challenge.  At the time, Benji was beginning to sleep better than my other kids ever had -- at four months old, he was sleeping regularly from 9 until 3, then waking again at 5 to eat.  It gave me hope that I'd finally have a good sleeper, and I tackled the first couple of months of weight loss with pretty good success, winning my second 4-week-long Dietbet and the first month's challenge towards my 6-month bet.  But then . . . I went to Hawaii.  I knew I would gain a bit that week and planned for it.  What I didn't plan for was that Benji's sleep would never be that great again.  I don't know if it was the overhead fan in our room, or the proximity, or what, but Benji's sleep was not very good that week and didn't get better when we got back.  Around Thanksgiving, he caught a miserable cold and was congested, coughing, and totally mi…

One a Day, Weeks 4-8

I've been busier than usual of late.  We're working on trying to get Benji to sleep better at night, I'm helping a friend plan a wedding next month, and just regular life with ten kids is keeping my days full.  It's a good life.