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Worth a Look ~ Wedding, Easter, and "Jennifer" Conference

It's been an extra busy few weeks for our family, as we celebrated the wedding of our good friend and house guest for the last two months, Hailey, to her sweet new husband Nolan.

It was a beautiful wedding and the joy on the faces of the bride and groom made it all worth it. Everything in LDS temples points to Christ, especially and including a wedding ceremony, which we call a sealing.  We believe that because of the power of Christ, our marriages do not end at death but if we are faithful to the promises we make to our Heavenly Father, can and will continue into eternity.

Many of my kids were enlisted to help with the decorations, so it was a thrill when we saw the tables turn out like this:

So lovely.  At the last minute, our neighbors gave us cherry blossoms from their tree so not only did it all look amazing, it smelled divine.

And can I just say that Mormons are the best? Seriously, at 9:00, after the bride and groom left, we started taking a few things down, and it just sn…

One a Day, Weeks 9-11


Worth a Look ~ Epigenetics and the Science of Mothers Who Lick their Babies, A Bully, and Finding Your Way in a Faraway City

Epigenetics: I've been fascinated with epigenetics the last few years.  This TED talk explains it well:

Basically, where we once thought the genes you had were the genes you were stuck with, it's now become clear that many environmental factors -- how your mother nurtured you, your diet, your mother's diet, and more can be a huge factor in which genes get expressed.  I find the whole thing fascinating. 

Here are a few articles that explain it:

Don't blame grandma yet, but your asthma might be her fault

Epigenetics alters how our genes behave

How bees decide what to be.  This article talks about how the job a bee does determines its genetic markers, and how researchers can manipulate conditions so that a bee given one job will take on another as well as the genetic markers for that other job.  Simply fascinating.

Grandma's Experience can leave a mark on your genome.  This article explains what we know and theorize about how the whole thing applies to humans, and is pro…

Q&A: Large Family Economy: Work Hours

Today's question is about work hours, from my friend Liz:

Can you tell me a little bit more about how you do work hours?  We are just starting to implement something similar, and I am wondering what your kids earn for their hours?  For example, 1 hour = candy bar or small toy, 10 hours = bowling trip, etc.  Our oldest is 10 and she is way motivated to fill up her tickets with working time to earn things, but our 8 and 6 year old not so much, but I haven't put our prize box together yet so I'm hoping that will come along.  Any experience or advice?
We've done work hours for many years.  It used to be a more elaborate system, but right now it's simple and easy (that pattern has happened in a lot of areas of my life and I like it!).  Basically, we have each child's name on a white board on our kitchen and next to that is written how many work hours they currently have.  When they do something beyond the ordinary -- babysit, stack wood, extra yard work, cleaning out…

Worth a Look ~ Why Dads Don't Mother, Pushing Passion on our Kids, and Mutated Genes

Lots of family, parenting, and human interest stories today.

The Distinct, Positive Influence of a Good Dad  Yes!  I am so grateful for a good husband who is dedicated to his family.  As the article notes, "Fathers don't mother." What my husband brings to our family is a unique contribution.  This brief review of what research shows is the unique contribution of fathers is excellent.

I love this advice from a family therapist.  Question:  I feel like I married the wrong person
"I believe we all marry the wrong person when we get married. None of us are who we need to be when we’re first married. Our reasons for getting married are often about us. We tell ourselves things like, “He’s just like me”, or “She likes what I like”, or “He’s attractive to me.” The list goes on with evidence of why this person works for us. We often select someone because they make us feel a certain way. In other words, most of our reasons are self-centered. At some point in the course of marr…