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Fall Life (Wordless Wednesday)

The leaves are gone, it's cold and gray, and I haven't been taking many pictures of late.  But as I looked through my photos, I realized there were a few I hadn't yet shared.

One Saturday in October, these five girls and I hiked the Y.

From our Pumpkin Carving Night:

And enjoying the last of the nice weather:

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have just a short time to write today, squeezed in right before I tackle cleaning the bathrooms, putting away the laundry, and prepping my house for company this week.

Overnight Trip

I spent Sunday night in Park City with seven of my kids.  We had a free night that had to be used and DH and the older kids couldn't miss school.  So it was just me and the younger ones.  And it's funny, but seven kids doesn't seem like that many to me.  We had a great time.  We drove up an hour before sunset and the drive was lovely.  I didn't bring my camera and I was kicking myself as the light burst beautifully through the clouds, illuminating the snow-covered landscapes we drove through.  But it was nice to enjoy anyway.

I had planned on sledding on Monday morning, but we woke up to snowy, windy weather that worried me about the roads.  So we headed back home sooner than planned, but halfway home the sun was out and the wind had died down.  So we stopped in Midway at a park for some …

Worth a look (Friday Favorites)

Several links I've enjoyed lately:

Human Interest Stories:A Still-Divided Germany (very interesting look at various differences between East and West illustrated with maps)

The Surprising Science behind Supremely Happy People 

The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia (super cool, and thought-provoking!)
On Current Events:The Tragedy of Physician-Assisted Suicide
""I first became involved with assisted-suicide in 1982, shortly before my 39-year old wife died of cancer in the brain. We had just made what would be her last visit with her doctor. As we were leaving the office, he said that he could provide her with an extra-large dose of pain medication. She said she did not need it because her pain was under control. As I helped her to the car, she said “Ken, he wants me to kill myself.” She had suffered a lot over the prior 18 months, but her doctor’s statement caused the most suffering to her. It devastated her that her doctor, her trusted doctor, would suggest that she…

Best Friends (Wordless Wednesday)

Eliza and her best friend Grace were born within a week of each other.  Eight years later, they were baptized on the same day.
They've grown up together and are just delightful -- sweet, spunky, and fun.

The neighbor's cat followed us around the forest and even photo-bombed a few pictures.  The girls thought that was the funniest thing.

7 Quick Takes

#1  "Being Real" or Oversharing? I've been thinking about social media and how open some people are or aren't online.  There's been a lot said bout how most people only show their best faces online and aren't really showing you the real story.  I get that, because I've visited some cringe-worth blogs full of perfect children, perfect homes, and perfect lives.  So I do appreciate authenticity, people who share about their failures as well as their successes.

But I wonder if there isn't sometimes too much sharing of every emotion in some places.  I'm thinking of several examples which I won't go into detail about, but I've come across several people in my life over the past couple of years who seem to deal with tragedy by writing online about it constantly, going over their innermost thoughts and feelings, sharing things that might be better left unsaid.  Frankly, it's exhausting to read, and I wonder if I'm being un-compassionate …

Provo Temple at Sunset

A friend of mine asked me to get a good photo of the Provo Temple for her, since that is where her parents were married.  So I watched for the perfect night.

I think I found it.
Some people are critical of the Provo Temple's design, preferring the more classical lines and styles of other temples.

But I've been attending this temple regularly for two decades, and I love it.  I love the peace, serenity, and nearness to God I feel there.  I love the direction I receive there.

I love the answers to prayers and the whispered promptings of the Spirit I've received in this temple.

I've come to this temple for comfort in my hardest times.  And I've found it. 

I've come with my heart drawn out in sorrow, and prayed for friends and family who are experiencing their hardest times.  And I've felt that God would answer me and them in His own time.

I've come to this temple seeking wisdom, to know what to do in complex and heart-wrenching situations.  And I've foun…