Friday, November 21, 2014

Worth a look (Friday Favorites)

Several links I've enjoyed lately:

Human Interest Stories:

A Still-Divided Germany (very interesting look at various differences between East and West illustrated with maps)

The Surprising Science behind Supremely Happy People 

The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia (super cool, and thought-provoking!)

On Current Events:

The Tragedy of Physician-Assisted Suicide
""I first became involved with assisted-suicide in 1982, shortly before my 39-year old wife died of cancer in the brain. We had just made what would be her last visit with her doctor. As we were leaving the office, he said that he could provide her with an extra-large dose of pain medication. She said she did not need it because her pain was under control. As I helped her to the car, she said “Ken, he wants me to kill myself.” She had suffered a lot over the prior 18 months, but her doctor’s statement caused the most suffering to her. It devastated her that her doctor, her trusted doctor, would suggest that she kill herself. "

My friend shared this on Facebook in regards to the above link:  "As the mother of a child who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and told he wouldn't survive, I think I can weigh in a bit and say that #1) even when life isn't perfect, it is beautiful and sacred and #2) doctors don't know how long a person will live. 

My son has lived for 8 years past his devastating diagnoses and he has packed a lot of life and joy into those years. Every doctor we see is surprised to see him doing so well. 

Doctors are not omnipotent. Assisted suicide treats them as if they are. 

Terminal illness will take my son at some point. I know this. But I'm so glad we didn't stop living (literally or figuratively) just because of his illness."

Why Brittany Maynard Should Inspire us to Oppose Assisted Suicide

Are Mothers "Full and Equal Participants in the Economy?"

Photography Links:

Creating a Photography Studio on a Budget (love the flooring idea!)

Post-Mortem Photography evidently used to be a thing

Cool Podcast:

Writing Excuses  I have no interest in writing fiction, but I'm still fascinated by these short ("Fifteen minutes long because you're in a hurry and we're not that smart") podcasts about the writing process.  I'd start with Season 1 if I were you.

A pretty photo, in case you missed it when I posted it the other day:

And a Public Service Announcement in Honor of Thanksgiving:

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