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Do you ever wonder why you bother?

I do. Yesterday was an extra-heavy laundry day. With the kids back in school and the way the twins go through clothes, plus sheets and blankets, it was a bear. Lillian folded two baskets as part of her chores yesterday, and I folded the rest. All those pants, shirts, pajamas, and even underwear were neatly placed in huge baskets. The older three put their own clothes away, but for the twins (age 4), I put them carefully away in their drawers. Two hours later, I go in their room to find that they have pulled all the pajamas out of their drawer and strewn them over the floor. Not that I'm surprised. Almost every day, as I teach them to clean their room, we're sorting out what's clean and what's dirty on their floors, as they insist on pulling out all the clothes in their search for the perfect clothes to wear (Allison's favorite right now? Loud, Hawaiin fushia flowered pants paired with dainty pink flowered T-shirt. Because flowers always go with other flow…

Another Classic Mommy Moment

I have a lot of people fooled. They think I have it all together. They're amazed that I'm at the pool with four kids just a week after giving birth! That I'm outside making sure my kids don't get run over or that I took the trash out to the street three days after Harmony was born (I know, it doesn't take much to impress some people!).

But all it takes is a moment and my true life shows. Today I went to church with my family. DH was teaching the 3 year olds so I went to Sunday School alone after feeding Harmony. I was holding Harmony against my chest, the picture of perfection as she quietly settled in. I was feeling so good I decided to make a comment -- as I was finishing my profound remarks, IT happened. Yep, baby Harmony, whose spit up has up until now been just a trickle, threw up a river. Her whole stomach of partially digested milk ended up running down the front of my shirt and onto my skirt. I gasped and grabbed her blanket to try to minimize th…

Awards Time

The Gorgeous Award . . .

goes to Harmony Anne. Isn't she beautiful? It never ceases to amaze me that I can love my fifth, sixth, and seventh child as much as I loved my first. There's just something so pure and wonderful about a newborn.

The Ugly Award . . .

goes to Joey's catch this morning. Isn't this the ugliest carp you've ever seen? Ick! One of the great things about living in a neighborhood with lots of older folks is the interest they take in my kids. One nice neighbor took Joey and DH fishing twice this week.

Comedy of Errors

This morning, I was up at 4:30 after feeding baby Harmony. I lay awake trying to go back to sleep with no luck. I got on the computer for an hour instead, then at 6:00, I thought, "Hey, instead of going back to sleep, I'll exercise!" Great idea, right? After all, all the kids are asleep, so I'm assured of no interruptions. So I decided to take a Pilates DVD upstairs to do it. But once I got it in, I couldn't find the DVD remote and it was one of those videos that needed me to scroll down to choose a workout (Don't you hate it when you can't do anything from the stupid player itself -- why do you HAVE to have a remote just to run a stupid DVD?). So I searched for the remote for 5 minutes with no luck. I went down and tried to see if I could find an exercise DVD that would just start with a simple "play" from the DVD player. Nope, they all had some kind of "choice" involved. So I figured I'd start a video on my VCR downstai…

Remember this?

I still haven't had a chance to upload it to Scrapbook-Elements or to turn it into a kit. But I feel bad with it just sitting on my computer not being used, so I'm offering it free. Download it by clicking here. I know not all my readers are digi-scrappers, but feel free to use these as blog backgrounds if you like. Please leave me a comment if you download it. Enjoy!

This just about says it all, doesn't it?

We're huge Olympics fans at our house, which has not helped with new-baby exhaustion issues. We don't normally have TV, but every 2 years we get it for the month of the Olympics and get ourselves glued into the action.

It sure seems like every day there's some new China-cheater scandal, doesn't it? It's pretty pathetic that someone can land on their knees during a vault and still get a bronze medal, while another person can land her vaults perfectly and not even reach the podium. I think it's sad that appearance and saving face means more than honesty, and even sadder that so many Chinese athletes have such pressure on them to perform -- this article makes me so sad.

Some things I've learned . . .

I like to think that experience counts for something. What? I don't know. But in any case, here's some things I've learned over the years:

About New Babies:

* They don't tell you this, but you don't have to wear those awful hospital-issued nightgowns while you're recovering in the hospital (while you're in labor, probably). I bring my own pajamas and feel like a member of the human race instead of a lab rat.

* Ditto on the hospital-issued T-shirt for your baby -- you know, the ones that fold over your baby's hands so they don't scratch themselves but also can't find their fingers to suck either (My third child Michael was born a thumb-sucker. I knew this and kept uncovering his fingers. As soon as I was out of the way, the nurses would cover his fingers back up again. I think it's a compulsion.). I've learned to bring my own adorable outfits and dress my babies.

* You don't need a baby bath. The kitchen sink is just fine. Have …

Some things get easier!

When Eliza was a few months old, I began to feel the exhaustion of a new baby keenly. I knew that the few months since her birth had been overwhelmingly and unusually busy; after all, we brought her home to a hotel room, then moved into our new house when she was just 8 days old. Between clean-up, unpacking, organizing, chasing after 2-year-old twins who never napped, dropping off and picking up my preschooler, kindergartner and 2nd-grader at school, and running a household, I was extremely stretched. It didn’t help that I was up several times a night to feed a baby and had no opportunity to sleep during the day except for a Sunday nap. Even that Sunday nap went away when Eliza was 2 months old and our Church schedule changed to 1:00. I was beyond exhausted.

Even though I knew I wasn’t being rational, every day of sleep-deprivation had global implications, and I’d think, “I can’t handle being this tired any more. I can’t handle any more children. I wish our family were comple…

New Arithmetic

This whole 7 kids thing is a bit of a new experience. I'm so used to 6. DH & I often take just a few kids with us when we run errands. I'll rush out the door and call, "I've got 4 -- you've got 2!" Or he'll run to Costco and say, "I've got 3 -- you've got 3." It's been pretty automatic. Which is why I'm finding myself counting wrong the past few days. On Monday, I was outside watching Joey and the twins ride bikes. I had baby Harmony as well and thought, "well, I've got 4 out here, so MIL only has 2." I was thinking how that wouldn't be enough kids to really get in the way of what she was doing (prepping some extra meals for us!), when I realized my mistake -- MIL did not have 2 inside, she had 3, and one of them was Eliza, who is into everything these days.

Same thing happened this morning. I did a quick run to Walmart and dropped some of the kids off at a friends' house to play. I was think…

Welcome to the World, Harmony Anne Bartholomew!

Just a quick post introducing our lovely new baby girl -- our family now has 5 girls, 2 boys, and lots of chaos. Born on 8/8/08, Harmony weighed 7 lbs. 4 ounces and has a wonderful personality!

Here's a few videos so Grandma & Grandpa in Switzerland can get to know their new granddaughter:

Harmony all by herself:

Sarah & Harmony:

Eliza & Harmony (Eliza likes the baby but likes treats more!):


And I'm actually hoping I'll make it all the way to induction on Friday now. Up until now, I decided I could care less about the 8/8/08 birthday and would rather just GET THIS BABY OUT! You'd think I would have learned more patience having done this a half dozen times before now, but nope, I think I'm less patient. But now that I've only got three days, it would be quite ironic to go into labor now and have this baby miss out on the bragging rights of a cool birthday.

The only problem I've got is that I have nothing scheduled for the kids to do this week, and I hate just sitting around home waiting for a baby to come. Because anything can happen, I don't dare venture too far from home, but we did go see Prince Caspian at the dollar theater yesterday (long on action, short on plot and character development), and we'll go swimming at the pool this afternoon. We also got a trailer-load full of mulch on Saturday, and with a bit of help from the kids, …