Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another Classic Mommy Moment

I have a lot of people fooled. They think I have it all together. They're amazed that I'm at the pool with four kids just a week after giving birth! That I'm outside making sure my kids don't get run over or that I took the trash out to the street three days after Harmony was born (I know, it doesn't take much to impress some people!).

But all it takes is a moment and my true life shows. Today I went to church with my family. DH was teaching the 3 year olds so I went to Sunday School alone after feeding Harmony. I was holding Harmony against my chest, the picture of perfection as she quietly settled in. I was feeling so good I decided to make a comment -- as I was finishing my profound remarks, IT happened. Yep, baby Harmony, whose spit up has up until now been just a trickle, threw up a river. Her whole stomach of partially digested milk ended up running down the front of my shirt and onto my skirt. I gasped and grabbed her blanket to try to minimize the damage. Since all eyes were on me, I lost all credibility as the perfect mom. Darn. But I'm proud. A lesser mom might have given up and gone home. But not me. I bravely snuck out to the bathroom, where I cleaned myself and Harmony up as best I could before sneaking into Relief Society with a wet shirt and wet skirt.

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