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Frost (Wordless Wednesday)

I visited my parents a week ago in Meridian, Idaho.  While there, the fog rolled in and the frost piled up.

Age and Fertility

In a few weeks, Cami will turn two.  My baby is no longer a baby, but a toddler who lives life at full throttle, with a constant sound track of noises and shrieks to go along with her sunny personality.  Like all Bartholomew babies, she's not much into words yet, but communicates just fine without them.
She's a delight and everyone adores her.  I have to laugh when I hear criticisms of large families that insinuate that somehow, the kids must be starving for attention because they have to share their parents.  Just spend a day with us, I think, and notice how large and devoted Cami's fan club is, and that preposterous claim would disappear.

As Cami's birthday approaches, I find myself feeling some sorrow that my baby is not a baby anymore.  Sunrise, sunset, and all of that mushy stuff, of course, but this time, there's also some real heartache and sadness because for the first time, I have a baby turning two and I'm not pregnant.  Actually, I've never had a…

Little Girls (Wordless Wednesday)


LDS Church Instruction to Leaders on Same Sex Marriage

As many of you likely know, a federal judge recently struck down my state's constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman.  I have many thoughts on the subject and I hope to post some of them later.  In the meantime, I wholeheartedly support this:

Church Instructs Leaders on Same Sex Marriage

On December 20, 2013, a federal district judge in Salt Lake City issued an order legalizing same-sex marriage in Utah, striking down century-old state laws and a state constitutional amendment that defined marriage exclusively as between a man and a woman. The United States Supreme Court has put that ruling on hold pending consideration of the issue by an appellate court. During the interval between the district court ruling and the Supreme Court stay, numerous same-sex marriages were performed in Utah. Legal proceedings and legislative action in some other states and countries have given civil recognition to same-sex marriage relationships.

As we face this a…

Christmas Magic

So, I know I'm a little late to the game, but we had a wonderful Christmas!  We got  back from our Kauai trip on Monday morning the 23rd, but even so, it didn't feel rushed.  We had everything ready before we left except for wrapping, and my daughter Lillian offered to finish that part up for us, which was wonderful. 

DH took the older kids to see The Hobbit on Christmas Eve afternoon with his parents, then we enjoyed our regular Christmas Eve tradition of dinner out to Chinese.  The local family-owned restaurant we go to has come to expect our arrival, and we love the easy clean-up.  We don't often go out to eat as an entire family, so it's a nice treat.

After dinner, we came home for our regular activities.  First up is the acting out of the nativity.  This year, we sang three hymns during it, so Lillian, while unpictured, was an active participant by playing the piano.

As you can see, we take authentic costuming very, very seriously.  ;) After reading the Christmas …

Relieving Poverty

This morning I read an interesting article about the unintended consequences of anti-poverty programs and how difficult it can be to truly relieve poverty.  The article, called Saving Africa?  New Book Casts Harsh Light on Prominent Poverty Program,  outlines some truly horrific problems with a particular initiative focusing on several villages in Africa.  Things like raising a bumper crop after being given fertilizer and high-yield seeds but then having no way of getting that crop to a market, or artificially supporting one village so well that people give up their nomadic life and settle down, only to have no industry or work in such an isolated area.  Or the chaos and violence that ensues after a community learns to depend on new water wells that then break down for months at a time.  It's eye-opening and makes me want to read the book the article highlights.

A very telling quote from the article is this: 
"In the quest to end poverty it is important to understand that th…


Just before Christmas, my husband and I were blessed to spend a week in Kauai.  It was our first trip with no kids along since back before we had kids, and we really needed the time to reconnect after a tough couple of years.  We had a wonderful time, and I loved having my new camera along to capture the stunning landscapes of the Garden Isle. 

We arrived on the island of Kauai at 6 p.m. local time, Friday the 13th, after a 12+ hour journey.  We flew from SLC to LAX then had a 6 hour flight to Kauai.  We got our rental car and drove five minutes or so to our hotel, Marriott's Kauai Beach Club in Li'hue (which I had been convinced had an exotic pronunciation, but alas, rhymes with phooey).  Our hotel was right along a lovely protected stretch of beach.  We had a great view from our 7th floor room.  Temperatures all week were perfect, with highs around 80 degrees and lows around 60.  Since we'd left behind several weeks with no temperatures above freezing, it was esp…