Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Magic

So, I know I'm a little late to the game, but we had a wonderful Christmas!  We got  back from our Kauai trip on Monday morning the 23rd, but even so, it didn't feel rushed.  We had everything ready before we left except for wrapping, and my daughter Lillian offered to finish that part up for us, which was wonderful. 

DH took the older kids to see The Hobbit on Christmas Eve afternoon with his parents, then we enjoyed our regular Christmas Eve tradition of dinner out to Chinese.  The local family-owned restaurant we go to has come to expect our arrival, and we love the easy clean-up.  We don't often go out to eat as an entire family, so it's a nice treat.

After dinner, we came home for our regular activities.  First up is the acting out of the nativity.  This year, we sang three hymns during it, so Lillian, while unpictured, was an active participant by playing the piano.

As you can see, we take authentic costuming very, very seriously.  ;)
After reading the Christmas story from the Bible, we read the account of what was happening in the American continent at that time.  This led to a short discussion about staying true to your beliefs no matter what the opposition might be.

We always finish up Christmas Eve by opening one present.  Here's Cami with hers.

Christmas morning dawned and we loved it.  Christmas with lots of kids is magical.  

Showing off some presents:

Sarah was especially happy with the camera she received.

I love how my kids are so grateful for their secret buddy gifts.  Each draws a name and buys for one sibling.  When the giver of the present is revealed, hugs ensue.  Joey, Sarah, and Lillian also spent money buying everyone in the family a present and not just their secret buddy.

Each kid holding one of their favorite presents:

Merry Christmas!

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Claire said...

Merry Christmas! You take such beautiful pictures. I'm glad your family had a nice holiday.


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