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How cool is this? My friend Sarah just got a slideshow on her blog and I had to get one too!
Hi, friends! I just thought I'd post about this here -- I'm giving this paper pack to members of my newsletter yahoo group -- I'll be sending out a message with a link to download it later today and throughout the month. You can join my yahoo group here:

Thanks and enjoy this fun Valentine Paper Pack!

I think I'll need a new signature and Blog Title. . .

because it looks like our family will no longer consist of 5 in 5 years! Yep, that's right, #6 decided to make an appearance and I'm due November 3rd! We're thrilled and excited, especially the kids. Lillian's been poring over our baby name books (Clifford, anyone?) and Joey's been asking me all sorts of questions about the new baby.

But as to the question of a signature -- 6 in 7.5 years just doesn't sound as neat. Any suggestions?

My Crazy Life

It's been a while since I checked in here -- TONS is going on in my life. We're working on getting permits to build our new house, chasing around two active toddlers and keeping up with piano lessons (Joey), violin lessons (Lillian), playgroups, and the like. I had to show off some cute photos of my kids -- Allison & Sarah are in love with fruit, especially apples, which they prefer NOT cut up. I think I also may have mentioned the fashion shows that go on when the girls are supposed to be sleeping. This picture shows Allison all decked out, complete with her footed pajamas underneath.

I've also been designing. I'm almost ready to submit my 2nd "Grubbies" CD -- this one full of 6 matching element packs. And I had a chance to do another Weathered Threads kit -- this time my "Chance of Sunshine" kit, above.

Here's some more on the developments in our lives, from the weekly letter I write to grandparents:

Here’s a quick update on the major…