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So, um, usually I shy away from shameless bragging about my accomplishments. Or at least I try to. But I just had to post and say that as of this morning, we are all DONE shopping for Christmas! It's a great feeling. I've mentioned in the past that we tend to keep things simple, and that certainly helps.

And I know I'm going to be accused of being a Thanksgiving-Scrooge, but guess what we did this weekend? (It's the first time we've ever put it up BEFORE that other holiday -- what's it called again?)

For the record, I love Thanksgiving just as much as the next person. What's not to like about thankfulness and lots of good food?

But still, there's just something wonderful and special about Christmas, and I'm glad I'm done with the shopping so the focus can be on giving, sharing, and remembering the greatest gift of all, the Son of God, born in a stable and come to save us all.

Q&A: My kids' names

from Rachel:
I love hearing how people go about picking their children's names. Are any you've chosen ones you've liked since you were young?
Some girls have lots of dreams about their future families, writing down potential names for their kids, dreaming of fancy dresses or sports games. I never really did, I guess preferring to handle life as it comes. Even after having kids, though I'll occasionally look at a baby name book, I don't keep lists of names I hope to use someday. Each of my children has come with a unique personality and purpose, and we've tried to choose names that will fit them.

All of the names we have for our children have special meaning for one reason or another:

Lillian is named for three of her two great-grandmothers. DH's Grandma Lillian Izola Bartholomew died last year, but she was a wonderful woman.
Lillian's middle name is after my own grandma, who I admired greatly. She died of cancer before I got married, after wearing out h…

Bathtime (Wordless Wednesday)

Harmony's decided she loves water. Can you tell?

Merry Christmas!

I've got my Christmas music going and I'm searching out the bargains, and now I've got another great addition to the Christmas Spirit -- ElfYourself.

With my five girls:
Send your own ElfYourselfeCards

With the rest of us (plus Harmony again because who can resist a dancing baby?)
Send your own ElfYourselfeCards


Wednesday, I turned 32 years old. It's been a good year that's challenged me and brought us growth. I thought about writing something like I did last year, about my life in general, but I'm just not feeling in a writing mood right now.

So instead, can I just tell you how excited I am about my combination birthday and Christmas present? It's an awesome digital SLR with two lenses, a nifty case, and tons of cool features I haven't figured out how to work yet. I have had a few moments to play with it, however, and I love that even basic snapshots are turning out SO much better.

It does great in low light situations, where my old camera's flash would ruin the picture:

It does great outdoors:

It takes pictures right away with no lag time, so I can capture fun moments like this:

I'm so excited to learn more about it!

(edited to add: This evening, it even helped me take some pictures of our elusive neighbors:)

Fall Pictures (Wordless Wednesday)

Last week, we had our talented photographer friend come to take pictures of the kids for a Christmas card photo. Harmony screamed most of the time and except for one picture, another of my children scowled the whole time. But despite the grumpy kids, we still got a few keepers!

With Sarah -- notice the nice gap in her teeth. She's so proud that she can stick her tongue through it!

Despite what it looks like, the cat actually DOES like us.

I was hoping for at least one fabulous, posed picture where everyone was well behaved and looked nice. But I guess I'll settle for this one -- wouldn't you rather see a representation of our real lives anyway?

"A Mother's Role"

Yesterday was our ward's Primary Program, the day the children ages 3 to 11 speak and sing in sacrament meeting. As always, it was beautiful, inspiring and amusing. Five of my children performed in it and except for a slight miscalculation in seating Allison and Sarah next to each other, things went well. The first ten minutes the two girls spent poking and teasing each other and putting their feet up on the chairs in front of them. Finally, it got so disruptive that I decided to go up and sit next to them (My husband and I team-teach their class but the other teachers were sitting with them for the program). Things improved from that point on. To my surprise, they even said their parts clearly into the microphone! During practice, they had both yelled them very loud.

The theme was families and most of the teachers helped their students write their parts themselves. Michael's part described my role: "A mother's role is to do chores and answer questions. She t…

Happy Halloween!